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Riverbond Coming To Nintendo Switch In December

The shoot-and-slash brawler, Riverbond is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 10th 2019. To coincide with this launch a new ethereal world for players to conquer as well as the new Spelunky Guy crossover skin are to be released, not only to Switch players but also free to current players on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Riverbond sees players diving into the gem filled world of Crystalwatch as they fight fearsome lizard warriors and advance their adventure by wearing dozens of different crossover skins from games such as Physconaughts and Shovel Knight.


Smash up whimsical worlds with up to 3 other players in co-op or on your own as you take on eccentric bosses and collect a large arsenal of quirky weapons such as sticks of ham and super powerful ray guns.

Riverbond’s eclectic world is welcoming of adventurers with its many castles, underground caverns and many other diverse environments ready to be explored by players as they take on the adventure of a lifetime.

“We’re inspired by cooperative RPGs and classic action games of yesteryears and look forward to welcoming players with a wonderful and spirited adventure,” said Vanessa Chia, Co-Founder and Art Director, Cococucumber. “Riverbond marries the fast-paced action we’re so nostalgic for with modern gameplay and drop-in-drop-out co-op and, giving friends and families dazzling new worlds to explore together on Nintendo Switch.”

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