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Rotor Riot Releases Next Gen iOS Controller

Rotor Riot has recently announced the release of its next-gen iOS game controller. It’s the first MFI (Made for iPhone) controller to feature clickable thumbsticks, like those found on modern console controllers. In addition to working with iOS devices, this controller can also be used to pilot some of the world’s well-known brands of drones.

Rotor Riot

To avoid latency and connectivity issues, the Rotor Riot controller uses a lightning cable connection to directly connect to your iOS device. This gives it an edge over the typical Bluetooth connected mobile controllers available on the market. It also draws less power from your phone’s battery than a pair of earphones, while also featuring a pass-through charging port, so you can charge your device as you play.

What’s really exciting is that this doesn’t just work with iOS games, it also works with games played using the PS4 Remote Play feature, PC games played using Steam Link and Xbox One games using OneCast. If like me, you’re Android user, Rotor Riot does produce Android controllers too.

It’s compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7 and above, with a lightning connection. It’s priced at $49.99 in the U.S and £49.95 here in the U.K. It’s available right now for purchase from and Apple retail stores.

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