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Shadows II: Perfidia Coming To Nintendo Switch August 6th (Give away)

Publisher IceTorch Interactive has announced that its survival horror game, Shadows II: Perfidia is making its way to the Nintendo eShop on August 6th, 2019, over two years since it was released to PC, where it has developed a lot of fans.

To top off this exciting news, we have two digital download codes for this game on Nintendo Switch to give away, as well as two for Epic Clicker Journey. For your chance to win, check out the widget at the bottom of the article.

Shadows II: Perfidia takes place in a darkened office complex that has played host to some truly horrific events. During your time in this complex, you’ll have the opportunity to play as two different characters, both with unique storylines and monster encounters.

Shadows II: Perfidia

Main Features

  • Two characters to play with, each in a different location
  • Over 18 levels with unique scares & puzzles
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Creepy atmosphere
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Randomized encounters, item locations etc. on each level

For more information about Shadows II: Perfidia, check out the trailer below.

For your chance to win a digital download code for the Nintendo Switch in the E.U/ U.K version of either this game or Epic Clicker Journey check out the widget below.


Shadows II: Perfidia and Epic Clicker Journey For Nintendo Switch Giveaway

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