Skelittle: A Giant Party!!
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Skelittle: A Giant Party!! Out Today On Nintendo Switch And Steam

Bubble Studios is pleased to announce that Skelittle: A Giant Party!! is leaving Steam Early Access as well as being released on the Nintendo Switch.

Escaped from cereals boxes, the Skelittles are tiny toys that players will play with as they turn their world into a gigantic playground. Players will find themselves running from a giant robot, stealing from the family dog, and throwing their friends into the deep end of a bathtub.

Skelittle: A Giant Party!!

With 15 fun-packed mini-games, Skelittle: A Giant Party!! is a game designed for fun with family and friends as you all gather around to take part in a fun party game.

  • Each minigame is different and features its own playful challenges. Swiftness, timing, and concentration are the keys to victory!
  • Create your Party Games!
  • Collect unusual accessories for each game. Combine them in sandbox mode and customize your game room for everyone’s enjoyment!
  • Build your unique and crazy games in the Skelittles’ lair! How about a soccer game where every player has a jetpack? A basketball-on-ice tournament? Or a crazy paintball session with gravity boots on? Anything is possible in the Skelittle’s world!
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