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Sky Racket Release Date Announced By DANGEN

Alongside game developer Double Dash Studios, DANGEN Entertainment has announced a release date for the upcoming “Shmup breaker” title Sky Racket on PC. Sky Racket is due to launch worldwide through Steam, Humble Store,, Game Jolt, and Discord on October 22nd, 2019.

The world’s first ”Shmup breaker”, a combination of shoot ’em up and block breaker genres, Sky Racket is heavily inspired by games of the ’90s and gives players the chance to play as either RacketBoy or RacketGirl.

Sky Racket

Taking on the role of either RcketBoy or RacketGirl players will be tasked with saving the galaxy from the evil Korrg. Unable to attack on your own, you will have to use enemy attacks against them by bouncing them right back at them, a mechanic which promises to turn battlefields into explosive games of tennis in a game packed full of action.


  • Dodge and dive through fanciful shmup levels! Blast bullets back to break blocks and bust bad guys!
  • Gorgeous pixel art and fluid animation so good it’s BANANAS, literally and figuratively.
  • Co-op multiplayer to share this funky fun with friends!
  • Befriend the best little buddies to aid you in a colorful and whimsical universe!
  • Catchy original soundtrack is sure to please 16-bit fans!
  • Bizarre boss battles! No really, they’re very strange…
  • Bullet hell challenges to thrill and test your will!
  • Master the mechanics of rebounding attacks and find creative ways to use your enemies’ weapons against them!

For more information about Sky Racket check out the official website here. The game’s reveal trailer can be viewed below.

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