Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra review
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Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra Review

Welcome to our Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra review. The Game:Mouse Ultra is one of Snakebyte’s latest gaming mouses and it features adjustable weights, a 7 stage DPI setting, and customization through software.

  • Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra
  • System: PC
  • Model: Game:Mouse Ultra
  • Colors: Black With Customizable LED Lighting
  • Available: Now
  • Price £75.00
  • Review Sample Provided

Design and Comfort

A company that is no stranger to gaming peripherals, Snakebyte often designs some well thought out accessories for consoles and PCs and the Game:Mouse Ultra is one such PC accessory.

An important factor when it comes to gaming mice is obviously comfort and without it, PC gaming would be a painful experience. The Gaming:Mouse Ultra features a large size and grooves in the right places that ensure your fingers are comfortable and your palm sits nicely on the palm rest. Testing out the comfort with gaming sessions consisting of a few different titles, I found the mouse to remain comfortable for the most part whilst taking a slight rest every few hours.

Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra review

Customization is an aspect that Snakebyte hasn’t missed out on with this mouse and as such it comes with a programmable LED lighting system, adjustable weights and even a removable top plate which you can replace with a top plate featuring your own logo for free from Snakebyte, however, it still appears the website to do this hasn’t yet been set to live.

Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra review

A braided USB cable connection ensures that the cable life is at its best with less chance of the cable prematurely wasting away and eventually breaking from everyday use.

My one complaint about the design is that it feels like a cheap plastic mouse, similar to one that you could pick up at a much lower price than £75 on Amazon.


A fully customizable mouse, the Ultra has its own dedicated software that can be used to customize various aspects of the mouse such as its RGB lighting system, performance, and button functions. The software is easy to use and things seem to be pretty self-explanatory with the only real issue being that it looks like something from the early 2000s.

In Use

Thanks to its programmable buttons and comfort-based design this mouse has been a real treasure to use across a varied treasure chest full of different game genres from simple side view games such as Minoria to FPSs such as COD. The mouse is fast, fluid, and responsive and the adjustable DPI makes it perfect for those moments where a steady hand is required.

In general use for things like web browsing and word processing the mouse performs as you’d expect and retains the responsiveness that makes it a great all-rounder mouse.


The Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra is a fantastic mouse that puts customization at the forefront whilst still having a focus on comfort and performance to create a good all-rounder mouser perfect for gaming and general PC use.

For more information about this mouse check out the official Snakebyte product page here.

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