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Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

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Welcome to our Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition review. Enroll yourself as a top marksman and eliminate your targets efficiently and stealthily. Originally developed and published by Rebellion Developments and released for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC back in June 2014. Sniper Elite 3 is finally being brought to the Nintendo Switch. You can play the story and survival solo or co-op and even compete in multiplayer on the go or at home.


Following Karl Fairbourne a sniper specialist in the American Army during the Battle of Gazala in 1942, heading behind enemy lines you recon your surroundings before sabotaging machines to mask the shots from your trusty rifle. Working to eliminate entire armies from the shadows, strategically and silently. Using your binoculars to identify your targets, objectives and interactive objects such as machinery or explosives taking advantage of the environment. Throughout the game there are various diaries, weapons, optional objectives and long-shot challenges as well as special sniper’s nests for an authentic experience and height advantage, giving plenty to keep you busy as you play. Taking down an enemy never looked so cool, featuring close up x-ray shots that show the devastating impact and damage of your bullets, as they tear through their bodies. The weapon mechanic incorporates realistic mechanics such as taking into account bullet drop and wind direction, adding more or fewer effects based on your difficulty. As you take aim you can hold your breath helping you to steady your shot, even having a marker showing where the bullet will land, the story gameplay heavily relies on stealth adding indicators for enemies allowing you the knowledge of their awareness. Even running near enemies can set them off causing them to check out noises or something they think they’ve seen. A short clip below.

Survival and Multiplayer

Survival mode is an extensive mode surviving waves of troops and vehicles, either alone or with a friend. Scattered about are supplies for you to set up a perimeter to defend yourself as they slowly begin to arrive. The enemies are not aware of your location as they are immediately looking around aimlessly as you pick them off one by one. It starts off a little slow but progresses quicker getting much more difficult as the waves continue. The Multiplayer mode is different based on the skill of players, some games consisted of all-out mayhem some players trying to run and gun, ducking for cover while others were sniping from range. Other times the games were more stale, with seasoned Sniper Elite fans taking cover and wiping out players as well as moving position. Aside from the varying experiences of playing multiplayer, I found it somewhat difficult to find online games to play, occasionally finding a full team of six or seven but usually only three or four. Check out the quick online kill below.

Graphics and Audio

Graphically Sniper Elite 3 looks good on the Nintendo Switch, its mildly detailed style fitting nicely on the handheld, helping the Switch to feel more like a console. With the nature of the game seeing your targets easily is important but the Nintendo Switch’s small screen makes it difficult to see at long range, although playing through the dock with a controller makes for a more complete experience but also stretching the graphics not looking as sharp through a TV. The players appeared to look a bit plastic, although it enables targets to be seen much more clearly at range. The backgrounds are elaborate offering plenty of details and a lot of space to cover and explore. The sound aspects felt as though the directional sound was at play as I crawled through populated areas, but after clearing them out I could still hear the chatter of soldiers coming from the directions I’d already been in. Other than that the atmosphere was pleasant hearing the soldiers talking and going about their business as I disrupted machines and took advantage of the noise.

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition Review


That concludes our Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition review. Overall Sniper Elite is an excellent game despite my reservations about it, its graphics aren’t overly fancy but the mechanics for the snipers and x-ray kills are outstanding features. Not a game for players that like rapid combat, but a game for patience and precision mostly filled with stealth and strategy. Again the multiplayer and survival, on the other hand, can offer more rapid gameplay. Sniper Elite is a worthwhile game to own, helping to bring value to the Nintendo Switch as a console rather than handheld device. Check it out on the Nintendo Store here.