So Long Ouya, We hardly Loved Ye

Remember OUYA, the successfully crowdfunded Android home console from 2013, that never really succeeded when it came to people actually buying it outside crowdfunding? Well, it officially dies next month. Razor who owns OUYA has confirmed it’s shutting down the consoles dedicated game store on June 25th, 2019. Assumingly due to a lack of interest. Having recently brought an OUYA for £20 brand new from Game, this news comes as, well,no surprise to me at all. It wasn’t exactly an amazing console and definitely didn’t live up to its promises.


At the same time the store is taken offline, so will all OUYA accounts, meaning no account access, no access to previously purchased games and obviously, no way to purchase new games. Razor has published a FAQ on the subject, with the biggest one on peoples mind being, ”Will I still be able to play games on OUYA?”

“You will be able to play games via the OUYA platform until June 25, 2019,” The FAQ reads. “Once it has been shut down, access to the Discover section will no longer be available. Games downloaded that appear in Play, may still function if they do not require a purchase validation upon launch. Contact the game developer for confirmation.”

So there you have it, the 7-year-old Android-powered console, that no one ever truly loved is meeting its end this year. If you still have one, you should still be able to use it as a fancy looking paperweight. Of course though, with the OUYA being an Android-powered device, there’s bound to be some Android modders out there who can breathe a bit more life into it. So long OUYA, you had a goo…… no scrap that…..terrible run.

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