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Sony Has Announced Its First PlayStation Conference Since E3 2018

It would seem Sony has been shying away from conferences this past year, choosing to miss them out altogether, and present their news through their own channels, well that looks set to change now, as Sony has confirmed it will be in attendance at China’s largest digital expo, Chinajoy in Shangai.


During the past year, Sony has been delivering news using its State of Play broadcasts, While Mark Cerny revealed the first official PlayStation 5 news in an interview. Sony Shocked press and gamers around the world when it announced it would not be in attendance at E3, the world’s largest gaming expo.

PlayStation’s conference at Chinajoy will be two hours long and according to a Tweet from Walmart Canada’s Senior Gaming, Tech and Media Editor, Paul Hunter, we will be seeing gaming artwork and 7 new games being teased, although it is said none of these will be 1st party games.

The Chinajoy Sony PlayStation conference takes place on August 1st at 10:30am BST / 2:30am PDT / 5:30am EDT. We’ll be sure to post any news in regard to what is seen at the time.

It’s also rumored that Sony will be taking PlayStation to the Tokyo Game Show this year and they are also listed as one of the exhibitors of Gamescom 2019. Another rumor claims they are working on a new State of Play broadcast that will deliver a release date for the upcoming The Last Of Us: Part 2.

Whatever the story, it’s nice to see Sony hasn’t completely turned their backs on game shows. Hopefully, we’ll see some awesome stuff from the tech/gaming giant.

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