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Soul Searching Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2019

Qubic Games S.A. has announced that it is bringing Soul Searching to the Nintendo Switch after acquiring the worldwide license to publish the game. Soul Searching started its life off in 2017 as a PC exclusive available to buy through Steam.

Soul Searching sees you sailing away from your native homeland on a small boat. During your journey, you’ll come across different islands, dragons and magic as well as learning about the lives of the different people you’ll meet.

Soul Searching Nintendo Switch

In Soul Searching there’s no correct path to follow in the vast open-world, you simply go on as you please and create your own path. You won’t get any real tutorial except a very small one, which tells you how to control your character. There are plenty of play styles for you to choose from based on what you want to achieve in the world.

Taking inspiration from films such as The Life of Pi, Soul Searching is all about standing on your own two feet and facing the world for yourself. The story tackles isolation and suicidal thoughts amongst other things.

Violence isn’t always the best answer and that’s the case with Soul Searching, which doesn’t have any sort of violence in it at all unless you count catching fish to survive as violent that is. The game is about peaceful travels and humble surviving even in an environment where you’ll come across dragons.

Rather impressively Soul Searching is the brain-child of a 1-man team and was developed over a three year period. This makes the game feel very personal to the developer, who created the story to convey feelings rarely experienced in video games.

Soul Searching Nintendo Switch

The main story takes the player about 3 hours to complete, but there’s a lot more to it then the story. The idea, then, is that you will get lost in the vast world at your fingertips.

For more information about Soul Searching, check out the official website here. You can also watch the official trailer below.


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