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Sparc Championship Update Released

CCP Games has today the ‘Championship update’ to its VR exclusive competitive V-sport game, Sparc. The update adds cross-platform competitive gaming to the mix, with things like leaderboards, custom games and spectator tools. Check out the official press statement below.


CCP Games Release Championship Update for Sparc, the World’s First Full-Body Virtual Sport

Sparc’s Championship Update features new cross-platform competitive options, including ranked matchmaking, leaderboards, custom games and spectator tools

CCP Games today announced that Sparc™, the fast-paced competitive v-sport unique to virtual reality currently available for PlayStation®VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive®, has received its first major update. Sparc’s ‘Championship Update’ extends and enhances the game’s online features with new cross-platform modes, including Ranked and Custom games, as well as an improved Spectator Mode.

Quick Play is now the fastest way to dive into the action with other players, while Custom games offer players a full lineup of modes and settings to create their own matches. For competitors wanting an extra challenge, the ChampionshipUpdate introduces an all-new Ranked Mode to Sparc, giving hopefuls a shot at competing for a spot at the top of the Leaderboard and a place in Sparc’s Legend tier, reserved for the top 10 ranked players in the world. Players remain unranked until they have completed their first 10 matches, after which their recent record determines their tier (Legend, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze) and position (1-100) within that tier. While practice makes perfect it comes at a price, as players moving up the ladder will be matched against increasingly accomplished opponents.

When competitors need a break from the action they can relax in Courtside, Sparc’s revamped spectator tool where they can scout their opponents and watch Custom games from the stands. With the Championship Update, spectators can now join as a “headless” observer, invisible to both players and other spectators, where they can cycle through multiple camera locations to view the action or free-fly using their controllers to propel themselves around the arena. The total number of spectators viewing a game will be visible on the in-game scoreboard, ideal for those looking for additional bragging rights.

Sparc’s skill-based, full-body experience makes for a fast-paced and instinctual physical sport that looks and feels spectacular. Players use their two motion controllers to throw projectiles at their opponents from a distance, and in turn defend themselves by dodging, blocking, or deflecting the incoming shots. Players can join one-on-one matches with friends online or find opponents via matchmaking with cross-play on Rift, Vive and PS VR.

As with real-world sports, Sparc players express and improve their skills through their physical actions. In Sparc, players can also track and review their performance on the court with detailed stats on throws, deflections, accuracy, and more. With two distinct gameplay modes, Basic and Advanced, both novice and expert competitors will find a suitable difficulty level.

In addition, Sparc includes a broad range of customization options for competitors. From the cut of the compression suit, to headgear and knuckle guards, a wide variety of elements can be personalized and combined for a unique look.

For more details about Sparc, please visit You can also find Sparc on Facebook via, or follow the game on Twitter via @PlaySparc.

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