Stealth Gaming Xbox One Headset Review
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Stealth Gaming Xbox One Headset Review

Welcome to our Stealth Gaming Xbox One Headset review. This headset with model number C6-100 is one of Stealth’s latest budget-friendly gaming headset releases. Like all other products from Stealth, it comes packaged in 100% plastic-free packaging. While it is labeled as an Xbox One headset, it is technically multi-format. The label instead comes from the green and black color scheme and there is also a blue and black version designed to sit nicely with a PS4.

  • Stealth Gaming Xbox One Headset
  • System: Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
  • Model: C6-100
  • Colors: Green and Black, Blue and Black 
  • Available: From 26th July 2019
  • Price £19.99
  • Review Sample Provided

Being a budget headset, I wasn’t expecting much from the C6-100 in terms of design but it’s actually really well made and actually looks quite nice. Yes, it’s made mostly from plastic but it has a strong rigid feel to it and I can bend it and twist it without any issues.

Stealth Gaming Xbox One Headset Review

The green and black color scheme looks really nice when paired with an Xbox One controller. For the most part, this color scheme is present on the cable with the body of the headset being all black and the inside of the ears pad colored green.

Unlike the 4gamers Pro4-70 PS4 Headset or the Stealth Classic Gold Abstract Headset, the C6-100, unfortunately, doesn’t feature a removable microphone which may be an issue for some people. The microphone is however fully adjustable both up and down and left and right thanks to a flexible bendy arm.

While the nicely colored cable is the perfect length for a controller it’s quite short by PC standards so if your PC sits at floor level and you like the look of this headset you’ll most likely need to buy an extension cable. The cable also features a handy little in-line box with a microphone mute switch and a volume adjustment dial.

Stealth Gaming Xbox One Headset Review

An easy to use adjustment system and soft padding on the earcups and headband make the C6-100 a very comfortable headset even during prolonged periods of use. It also helps that it feels quite light in terms of weight.

Stealth Gaming Xbox One Headset Review

In party chat, the headset works really well and I am impressed with just how clear it is. I am able to easily hear anyone who is talking and they are able to clearly hear me through the microphone. I don’t feel like I need to shout or talk up to be heard, which is something I have experienced on other budget gaming headsets in the past.

I don’t tend to use headsets to listen to in-game audio but for the sake of this review, I have given a few different titles a go using this headset and have to say the results were quite good. I could clearly hear things happening and the overall experience felt far more immersive than just using the T.V speakers.

In conclusion, the Stealth Gaming C6-100 gaming headset is a brilliant choice for anyone on a tight budget who just needs a basic gaming headset. It’s well made, looks the part and the audio is pretty decent. At £19.99 you really can’t go wrong with this as a purchase.

That concludes our Stealth Gaming Xbox One Headset review. For more information check it out over on the Stealth website.

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