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Sudden Strike 4 Review (PlayStation 4)

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Welcome to our Sudden Strike 4 review. From the publishers of the city simulator series Tropico and bringing you a Kite Games development, Kalypso Media presents Sudden Strike 4 Complete Edition.

Sudden Strike 4 is a strategy war game not that different from Command and Conquer, using real time combat scenarios consistent with historical events during World War 2. Using a series of distinct unit skills to destroy your enemies and moving forward claiming their territory, vehicles and lives. Sudden Strike 4 is set in reality giving access to facilities relevant to the era unlike other war strategy games.

Adding to the original base game of its three main campaigns German, Allied and Soviets covering over twenty missions from historical World War 2 battles, they have added four more distinct campaigns bring more history to your living room.

Sudden Strike 4 Review Sudden Strike 4 Review

Road to Dunkirk –

Consisting of two sides; German and Allied with two missions on each front covering the battle of Dunkirk, the battle of Lille and the battle of Ypres.

Finland: Winter Storm –

Two more action packed campaigns with six missions going to the Mannerheim Line, the battle of Tali-Ihantala, the battle of Suomussalmi and the battle of Salla.

Africa: Desert War –

Joining the Axis and British in six missions at the battle of Kasserine Pass, the battle of Torbuk, the battle of Sidi-Barrani, battle of the Mareth Line and the battle of El Alamein.

The Pacific War –

With its biggest yet with five missions for both Japanese and US forces covering the battle of Singapore, the battle of Bataan, the battle of Okinawa, the battle of Santa Cruz, the battle on Wake Island, the battle of Myitkyina, the battle of Leyte Gulf, the battle of Iwo Jima, the battle of Saipan and the battle of Guadal Canal.

Sudden Strike 4 Review Sudden Strike 4 Review


Getting into Sudden Strike 4 started out quite difficult, despite completing the tutorial, which only covers the basics rather than a full explanation of each unit. Having to still work out the buttons and commands for yourself, once you have though you can assign troops to where you want them and organise yourself to suit your needs, switching quickly with the D-pad. I found myself trying a whole bunch of tactics using my more important troops wisely and acquiring worthwhile vehicles from enemies. Sometimes you receive much-needed reinforcements and even air support to use at will, gradually you learn what vehicles are best in which situations and move forward earning stars based on performance. Your stars can be spent on a barrage of upgrades for your doctrine, choosing between Johannes Blaskowitz, Harold Alexander, Ruben Lagus and so many more, each army having three doctrines to choose from with different upgrades offering a multitude of strategic options. As well as pretty consistent gameplay, on completion you unlock journal entries that are historically accurate giving an insight in to the poor souls who fought in the war.

Sudden Strike 4 isn’t only a campaign based game, if you decide you’re bored of predictable AI movement you can switch it up with three special bonus missions, Skirmish Mode or online multiplayer offering a greater range of ways to play.

Graphics and Audio

Graphically Sudden Strike 4 is surprisingly attractive with heavy detail despite the high angle of the camera, with massive well-built terrains consistent with historical geography leading you across the world. Epic destruction and mayhem as you crush trees and buildings with your tanks, blowing your enemies to smithereens, adding to the realism with realistic artillery and machine gun fire as well as atmospheric sounds.


Overall Sudden Strike 4 is a pretty decent game in real time combat a little slow but, with really nice visuals and challenging gameplay with so many levels to play and upgrades to earn for hours of entertainment. Check it out from the links below.

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