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Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo PS4 Review

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The Game

Looking like an updated version of asteroids, Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo actually adds quite a bit more to the formula with new modes to play and upgrades to unlock. It’s one of those kinds of games where the more you play it, the longer you’re able to last via any upgrades you might have acquired during your play time. Initially you start out with a slow ship that’s fairly under powered and you might find that you don’t last more than a minute at most but as you play and collect coins you’ll not only be able to get hold of some ships with more spring in their step and a bit of extra firepower, you’ll also be able to upgrade the weapon pick ups and remove the dangerous edges of the screen.

There’s a few modes you can play in Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo; starting with Protect Mother Mode, you have a big mothership at the bottom of the screen that you have to defend from taking damage and it doesn’t take long for it to do so if you’re not on the ball. At first I wondered how I could defend it for any considerable length of time but thankfully the mothership will provide you with pick ups that give you more ammo, bombs, shields or weapons to help make things a little easier, I found requesting bombs helped me to last the longest because they clear the whole screen as well as any enemy projectiles as well as build up your combo enough that you can request another gift.

The next mode is Save the Colony and in this one you have more control over your boosters and brakes and by default you’ve already been granted a warp drive to allow you to travel off the screen Pac-Man style. The goal of this one is to rescue people drifting about in space and take them to the safety of a portal that travels back and forth along the bottom of the screen, unfortunately you can only carry one survivor at a time so if you’re not quick at rescuing them you might end up missing some.

The third mode is Survival and as you can probably guess, the aim of this one is to see how long you can last for, only this time your guns fire themselves and you have to maintain your fuel level to stay active. Things can become quite difficult if you find that you’ve run out of ammo and to top it off, once you’ve survived for a certain length of time, you’ll have to fight a boss to continue. The boss is nothing too difficult though, at least not compared to the vast number of enemies and projectiles you have to worry about after the boss is defeated.

All three of those modes can be played in local co-op but they can be a little more tricky since you can destroy each other if you accidentally collide and it happens quite a lot, especially when you’re both trying to rescue the same survivor that’s adrift. One major benefit to co-op is that when one player has been defeated they get to come back after a timer, although the length of time they have to wait increases with each time they die. Rather annoyingly as well when you respawn there’s a good chance it’ll fling you out right into the path of an unavoidable object and you’ll be immediately destroyed and waiting to come back once more.

As well as those three modes Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo also offers two local competitive modes, one has you and your friend flying around a battlefield with only one bullet in a fight to the death and while there are things that will slowly release another bullet so you can keep on fighting, you’ll probably find that most of the time it’ll be accidentally flying into a wall that does you in. The other mode is a competitive Protect Mother Mode, you both have half a screen with your own mother ship to protect and the way you make things difficult for the other player is by building up a punishment meter. The more full the punishment meter, the more of a hassle you can cause the other player, though in my experience with it a game may not last for more than a minute if you’re playing with someone who’s unfamiliar with the controls and they’ll often destroy themselves before you can really get started especially since having half the space to fly around in makes it more difficult.

To Conclude

Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo is a fun little game in bursts and it can become quite addicting if you’re trying to unlock everything and do all the challenges. In my case I found I would always be going back to the Save the Colony mode to rescue all of the survivors and at the time of writing my current high score is 30 out of 33 before getting destroyed. It does take some getting used to and my first few times with it I barely stayed alive more than a few seconds but once you start being able to get the upgrades and new ships, things seem as though they get infinitely easier, especially when you’re finally able to remove the barriers from the edges of the screen and although I personally didn’t travel through too often, knowing it wasn’t there as something that could destroy me made the game feel much easier.

There’s a good amount of play time to be had with it and there’s quite a bit to unlock so if you’re looking for a new space shooter to play and you’d like to have a short go of here and there only to find that it has unexpectedly become a significantly longer gaming session, then I’d definitely recommend this one. You can learn more about Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo by visiting this link, or if you’d like to buy it you can visit one of the links below;




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