Straimium Immortaly Review
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Straimium Immortaly Review (PlayStation 4)

Welcome to our Straimium Immortaly review. A unique game that takes on more than one genre, Straimium Immortaly offers gamers an adventure that’s unlike any other. Straimium Immortaly Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Reviewed On: PlayStation 4 Developer: Anthony Case Publisher: Caiysware/Digerati Multiplayer: None Available: December 18th, 2019 Price: £9.49 (U.K) $11.99 (U.S) Age […]

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Iro Hero PS4 Review

Review Code Provided Summary In Iro Hero you play as Iro, the hero of the game and would be resistance fighter who is flying around the galaxy uncovering clues to a mass conspiracy about using people like batteries for their electrical energy and helping the resistance to take them down. The Game Iro Hero is […]

Demons With Shotguns review
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Demons With Shotguns Review

Welcome to out Demons With Shotguns review. An arena brawler style game originally released for PC back in 2015 on Early Access, Demons With Shotguns has finally made its way to consoles. Demons With Shotguns Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch Reviewed On: PlayStation 4 Developer: Rayark Inc. Publisher: Digerati Multiplayer: 1 – […]

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Gunlord X PS4 Review

Review Code Provided Summary You are the Gunlord, you have travelled across the galaxy to defeat The Master and rescue your wife Vanessa Gaiden from certain doom. The Game Gunlord X is an arcade styled side scrolling shooter complete with a cheesy story and some amazing tunes and to really help complete the look you […]