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Tamashii sees you commanded by a divine entity to root out a suspicious darkness in their temple and help him retain his control.

The Game

In Tamashii you control a being capable of creating copies of themselves which you can use to complete the various puzzles. You start out in a hub area and you have to find the different temples by exploring the hub with more of it becoming available to you as you progress. Each temple entrance is marked with a number of skulls to indicate its difficulty and the name of the boss you have to defeat. Once inside one of the temples you have to complete a number of rooms in order to get to the boss and each room gets steadily more difficult with you having to use some creative thinking and skillful platforming to be able to overcome it.

Tamashii level

When you get so far through a temple, you’ll get to a room that has two doors with the choice to go through either one, right being the easier path and left being the harder one. I went through the left door each time I had the option to do so, wondering if maybe the difficulty would affect an ending, but when I went through the other door after finishing the game to see if anything changed, I was only presented with a meagre score for doing so and it didn’t do much else.

Tamashii item

The puzzles in Tamashii rely on your ability to perform well during the platforming sections as well as need you to be able to think your way through the sometimes complex scenarios, some of which need to you to time your actions well to get through a door while keeping track of the amount of time the clones have left to be on the screen. You have three clones of yourself that you can put out and you have to use them to stand on different switches to add or remove different blocks in a room and often at different times to get one through to where you need it, to make it more difficult you also have to have them standing on switches to unlock the door and since they only remain in place for a limited amount of time it can take a few tries before you manage to get it right. There will be some times where you have to detonate your clones to make passage for one of the others to be able to reach the switches so it means that you have to be able to manage when you put them out and be mindful of how much time each one has left, you can speed up the time it takes for one to detonate but pressing the button speeds them all up and there are some times when you need to have one disappear while still having one be relatively new.

Thankfully you can try each room over and over again until you get it right with no penalty so in that regard it makes it easier because you can adopt a trial and error approach, all the practice will also come in handy if you want to replay the temples for a score afterwards. I find that the boss encounters are the most interesting thing about the game, since there’s no combat you have to focus on avoiding their attacks while you figure out where to put your clones so you can retaliate and you’ll have to do it a couple of times to replace clones that get destroyed. While they are interesting, the bosses are a little on the easy side so once you know what you’re doing it just becomes a case of avoiding their attacks but once you get so far in the game it starts to rely a bit more on your platforming skills.

Tamashii boss

If you are finding the game a little too difficult when it comes to the platforming, there’s a slow motion option you can enable to make things a bit easier and you can also turn off some of the screen effects if you find them to be distracting.

To Conclude

Tamashii is an okay game but the most striking thing about it is the way it looks, there’s a lot of moments where you look at something on the screen and think to yourself “What the hell is that!?” As a puzzle game and speaking as a person who generally isn’t particularly good at them, Tamashii isn’t very difficult and actually felt as though it got easier as I went on, there was genuinely a moment where I wondered if more skulls meant the difficulty level was easier.

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