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Telefrag VR Out Now On PC And PS4

Anshar Studios has today released its VR battle arena-style fighting game, Telefrag VR. The game is available for PC VR systems and PlayStation VR, so if you own any of these you may want to check this one out.

Telefrag VR is a game set within an alternate universe where the Roman Empire never fell. Rather than falling, the empire grew and steadily began taking over the world before setting its eyes on space. This allowed the Romans of the future to develop new technologies to use in gladiatorial battles.

”The Games” as the future Roamans call them consist of dynamic encounters featuring gladiators from all over the Empire. At your disposal, you’ll have powerful, specially designed ceremonial weapons capable of causing maximum carnage to win over the spectators.

Telefrag VR

PvP battles are present in Telefrag VR and require good knowledge of the arena and battle techniques to get one over on your enemy. This should make for some truly epic battles as you aim to wow the crowd.

Telefrag VR is compatible with the 3d Rudder foot motion controller on both the PlayStation and PC. There’s also news that the game will soon support the PlayStation Aim controller and be enhanced for the PS4 Pro in a future update.

Telefrag VR has some interesting features, that you can find listed below, which have been taken from the official press release.

  • Loadout Management – Players can utilize different loadouts, each containing two weapons. Every weapon features two firing modes and a unique teleportation attack feature. Upon spawning, the player is prompted to choose the loadout they feel will help them dispose of their enemy most effectively. Players are even able to switch their primary hand.

  • Teleport Attacks and Telefrags – Teleporting allows players’ contact weapons to inflict “Melee Damage” as they shift from one point of the arena to the next, adding an extra layer to the standard teleport mechanic used in VR.

  • Guns – Projectile weapons inflict “Ranged Damage” upon the target. The game features classic arena shooter weapons, such as Rocket Launchers and Flak Cannons, as well as futuristic additions like Plasma Rifles.

  • Fast-Paced Matches – You have two different locomotion types at your disposal. Get comfortable with dash movement or experience how persistence and free locomotion favor the gladiator in battle.

  • Impossible Spaces – Walkable surfaces can be placed regardless of gravity, allowing the player to travel on any designated surface regardless of its rotation and position relative to the “real” floor. This enables multiple angles of attacks and passages through play space, and as a result a fresh take on competitive level design. Explore the arenas: The Fallen Champion, The Mobius Villa, The Lazarus Grotto, The Imperial Shipyard, The Six Leagues Under.

  • Arena Game Mode – A 1v1 gameplay mode where the player enters an arena with five weapons ready to pick. Choose two of them to compose the best loadout. We put in your hands (both hands actually) a full arsenal of destruction, inspired by the legendary tools of extermination from classic 90s FPS games. Pick the best loadouts, conquer the enemies, and finally make a name for yourself – The Champion.

Telefrag VR is available to purchase now on PC, through Steam or Oculus and PS4 through the PS Store.

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