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Teslagrad Physical Version Out Now For Nintendo Switch And PS Vita

A Teslagrad physical version is now available to purchase for Nintendo Switch and PS Vita. Nintendo Switch owners will be able to purchase either a standard edition with the base game or a value pack with some extra goodies, while PS Vita owners will be able to purchase the value pack.

Purchasers of the Teslagrad physical version value pack will receive all of the following goodies:

  • The base game Teslagrad for either Nintendo Switch or PlayStation Vita, with exclusive cover art
  • A superior quality tin case, colored red for Nintendo Switch and blue for PS Vita
  • A physical art book with hand-drawn art from the game, including new concept art
  • An instruction card with helpful pointers on how to play the game
  • An iconic pin depicting the main character Teslakid
  • A unique keychain with the Teslagrad symbol

Teslagrad Physical Teslagrad Physical

Following a young boy who lives in a steampunk-inspired version Of Europe, Teslagrad sees this young boy involved in an ancient conspiracy, involving the nation’s King. Armed with the power of electromagnetism, the young boy sets off on a journey featuring challenges across more than 100 hand-drawn environments.

  • Journey into — and beyond— the Tesla Tower, to discover its secrets
  • Discover a dystopian steampunk setting in an old-Europe-inspired new world
  • Manipulate the world around you using electricity and magnetism
  • Put your sense of logic to the test and solve complex puzzles
  • Use your skills and wits to overcome 5 final bosses eager to demagnetize you
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