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The Surge 2 Kraken DLC PS4 Review

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The Game

For those of you unfamiliar with the Surge 2, it’s one of those games that belongs firmly in the same genre that the Dark Souls games occupy. While not as difficult as a From Software game, it’ll still give you a run for your money. It involves all the things you might expect from a game like that; difficult to beat enemies, vast areas to explore with multiple shortcuts back to the start and a level up system that involves carrying around a large amount of stuff taken from your fallen enemies that you risk losing after your inevitable death. One thing the Surge does that’s fairly unique to it, as far as I’m aware, is that if you want to acquire new gear or crafting components then you have to cut them from your enemies in battle, if you want new arm gear or a weapon then remove the arm, if you want new head gear or implants then remove the head. It’s a great system and one that I find makes you want to charge into battle so you can upgrade the stuff you have so that you can best your opponents with ease the further in you get as opposed to a Souls game where you might find yourself avoiding confrontation so that you can make it a little further after each death.


With that summary out of the way, it’s time to talk about The Surge 2 Kraken DLC.

The Surge 2 Kraken DLC sees your character being summoned to help out on board the VBS Krakow, which has been overrun by robotic pirates masterminded by the ships AI, CAIN. If you’re hoping to dive headfirst into the DLC so that you can get some great weapons and armour for when you tackle the main game, then I have some bad news for you since the DLC only becomes available to access once you’ve passed a major turning point in the main game’s story. When I started out to review this game I seriously questioned my ability to be able to get a point where I would actually be able to do it, having played the first Surge I knew kind of what to expect but with also being the type of person whose play style for these types of games could be compared to running in with your head down and swinging your arms wildly, I didn’t expect to get particularly far.

Thankfully, after some serious playing and for the sake of this review, learning some patience, I managed to get to the point where I could access the DLC after about 30 hours, by which point I’d actually become fairly competent at the game. I still get my butt handed to me by the bosses and they usually take a few attempts to best, but the regular enemies that litter the hallways barely pose any threat to me at all.

When I started The Surge 2 Kraken DLC, I was greeted with a somewhat idyllic nuclear family type garden and it was like the calm before the storm, this was a storm that would never arrive however, judging from the lack of trouble I had getting through it. The enemies you’ll face in the DLC are robotic and you’ll encounter a lot of them that use poison as a weapon but with some clever use of the implants you’ve collected on your journey up to this point, you should be fine. While the robots may seem imposing they are actually quite easy to defeat, though that of course may depend on your skill level and the kind of equipment you’re carrying, most of mine was at Mk VIII for example. The first and only major roadblock I encountered was the first boss, a fire user who has a back up of little drones that hide underground when you approach and bombard you with poison attacks, it took me quite a few tries to best this boss even after trying different variations of weapons and implants but once I switched to defend myself against poison effects, I was able to get past it.

For the most part there’s not much to see when you’re on the ship, there seems to be shortcuts around every corner but getting from one end to the other takes hardly any time at all and the shortcuts merely seem to serve as a way to bypass enemies rather than to save any time. There’s also not a massive variety when it comes to the enemies you’ll be coming up against, there’s some smaller robots wielding different weapon types, some that shoot from range and finally some larger robots that fight slowly but hit hard. There are a few small side quests that you can undertake while playing the DLC but these can be accomplished just by taking items that you probably found while naturally exploring to a specific character, you shouldn’t have to actively seek them out, not if you’re the type of player that has to look in every nook and cranny at least.

When I got to the end of the DLC I kept expecting that something would pop out and destroy me and I’d be in for an incredibly tough boss battle, one that might take me a long time to defeat but when it actually came to taking down CAIN I was able to best the lethal AI on my first attempt, something that I had found quite shocking considering every other boss up to that point had taken me maybe more than ten attempts. There is a choice you get to make after winning that fight though, so maybe things become more difficult depending on the one you choose but for me the fight with CAIN was the end of it and I was free to return to the main game with all of my Kraken DLC goods in hand.

To Conclude

All in all The Surge 2 Kraken DLC is disappointingly short but it is good while it lasts and it offers something unexpectedly different from what I’d encountered so far in the main game, for example; CAIN’s watchful eye is always scanning the area looking for you and waiting to sound the alarm and set the members of his collective onto you, as well as that, there’s a point where it would seem that you have to fight a boss but instead are treated to waves of smaller enemies that keep coming, so long as you don’t complete the nearby objective.

There’s some decent equipment and weapons to unearth but the odds are that you may not need them, especially if you’re packing some serious gear like I was. It’s a worthy addition to a good game and while I was skeptical¬† of the difficulty being easier than what I had gotten used to, it was kind of nice not having to sweat my through any of the encounters and I could just focus on enjoying what it had to offer rather than ending up going around in circles for a few hours while I mustered up the equipment and courage to tackle the task ahead.

If you would like to learn more about The Surge 2, you can find the website for it at this link. If you would like to purchase the game as a stand alone, or the premium edition which includes the season pass, you can visit the links below;

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If you already own The Surge 2 and are in the market for the DLC, you can go to one of the links below for the season pass;


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