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The Witching Tower VR Coming To PSVR September 17th

Daily Magic Productions has today announced that The Witching Tower VR is launching for PlayStation VR on September 17th, 2019. The game will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store on the PS4 console, a mobile device through the PlayStation App or a web browser.

In The Witching Tower VR, players have to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in a dangerous fantasy world designed to take full advantage of the VR headset’s capabilities. The game takes players on a journey through a haunted tower, located within a fallen kingdom.

The Witching Tower VR


The Witching Tower VR offers players many different experiences such as solving complex puzzles, fighting enemies with melee attacks, shooting, and grabbing/throwing objects. To do this players have access to an array of tools and powers:

Necromancy: take control of undead warriors and pit them against your enemies, or use them as pawns to help you defeat the tower’s numerous traps and puzzles.

Sight: your magic will show you a world others cannot see and reveal invisible objects.

Manipulation: summon a magical lasso that can grab and control objects from afar, collapse architecture, and crush your enemies.

For more information check out the game’s official website here.

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