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Vacation Simulator: Make Memories in VR

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Stressed out after that time you spent in Job Simulator? Boss Bot getting you down? Worry no more because with Vacation Simulator you can visit three idyllic, classic vacation locations on Vacation Island! Want some fun in the sun? Head on over to Beach and let your troubles melt away, or if melting isn’t your thing how about a nice trip to Mountain? Still not satisfied? Why not take in the sights at Forest and listen to some spooky stories by the campfire?

Be prepared to work the most you have on any vacation ever as you try to keep the vacation metrics up and prove that as a human, you really enjoy Vacation Island!


Vacation Simulator is one of those games where you can interact with almost anything and just make your own fun, if of course for some reason you feel you need to instead of playing one of the many activities. There’s plenty to do with this one in the way of content, with each of the three main locations there’s enough tasks and little games to keep you occupied for a good long while and always wanting to spend more time on vacation. The fun starts straight away in your hotel room where you have all the amenities you could want and you can even have fun splashing around in the bath and taking a nap before building up an obscenely large bill from the mini fridge before indulging in some state of the art television related activities.

When the real vacation begins you can have access to three locations, each with their own bots to play with and activities to take part in. The beach is where I spent most of the time, filling out various orders on the grill and building sandcastles by the blueprints, soon enough I’d collected enough memories that I was able to take part in the special locked activity, I won’t spoil what that is for you here. That’s the main idea of Vacation Simulator, Vacation Bot just wants you have fun and enjoy yourself but Efficiency Bot is concerned that if you as the human aren’t having enough fun, the whole place will be shut down, so it’s up to you to shoulder the heavy burden of experiencing all Vacation Island has to offer and collecting as many of the memories available to save the resort.

You visit each area of the resort and take part in the activities on offer, some of them only require you to do it once before the bot will give you a memory, while others may have multiple memories to dish out. Efficiency Bot wants you to collect all the memories so that he can report the resort as being a success so it won’t get shut down but what it really means is that it signifies that you have completed that activity, when you collect enough memories you’ll also be able to access another area and find more activities, you can do this for each of the three areas.

While the activities are quite fun, some of them can leave you scratching your head and some of them will require you to cross the boundaries of the three resort locations. A lot of the time when you get to the higher tiers of activities you’ll have to go and collect something from one of the other areas and keep it in your bag to take back for the bot that wants it, I found it was usually food they wanted and it can be a little tedious going back and forth, especially if you’re like me and forget what you’re looking for almost as soon as you leave to go and look for it. I also found it a little disappointing that there are fewer activities depending on the resort, the beach by far had the most and the mountain had the least, particularly the bonus area where you just stand at the top and talk to the bots.

To Conclude

The biggest problem with this game has very little to do with the game itself, its problem is being on PlayStation VR. Since there’s no way to rotate your human so you can better access the activities, you constantly have to turn around or away from the camera and of course PSVR being dependant on its ability to see the lights on your controllers, you’re not going to have a good time if you do have to turn away from the camera. Sure Owlchemy Labs could somewhat solve this by adding an ability to rotate by pressing a button but it doesn’t completely solve the problem, you’re going to find yourself reaching and stretching, particularly if you drop something out of range that you’re bound to run into some tracking problems sooner or later.

Thankfully, try as it might, the problems at the core of PSVR shouldn’t fully spoil your enjoyment of this game, there’s so much to see and do with this one that it’s definitely great value for money. If you’re fresh off Job Simulator and you want more of that Owlchemy Labs goodness, then you should pick this game up.

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