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VX4 Premium Wireless Controller for PS4 Review

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VX4 Premium Wireless controller a stunning accessory bought to you by Gioteck for PlayStation 4 and PC, with Bluetooth connection for easier use freeing up your USB ports. A sleek slender design with ergonomic design properties, optimizing its physics for the most reliable and comfortable of uses. Having used a traditional controller layout similar to most major consoles, including a 3.5mm audio port on the bottom of the controller. Additionally with motion and vibration support to help you get the most from your gaming experience. Check out my unboxing video below.


  • Input power rating. : DC5v.500MA.
  • Battery. : Built-in Lithium-ion battery.
  • Voltage. : DC 3.65v.
  • Battery Capacity. : 650mah.
  • Operating Temperature. :  5*c – 35*c.
  • Weight. : Approximately 210g

To Touch

The controller is lighter than the official PlayStation DualShock 4 controller, and in turn not having that dense feeling that officials carry, although its handles are more squared with rounded backs making them more structurally solid than official controllers, and even making it more comfortable with less strain from weight. Its texture is smooth but mildly grainy feeling quite solid despite its weight, the analogues are again smooth to the touch and as you aggravate them an increase in friction preventing your thumbs from slipping, but are a small fraction taller than the official controllers sticks making it more of a challenge to reach them whilst pressing the buttons. The button design is similar to PlayStation using dots and colours to represent the shapes that Sony use, and are slightly higher on the controller to allow easier use, adding also quick fire triggers that are a touch stiff but giving the spring back needed for a high rate of fire. Also with the VX4, Gioteck added a turbo button to help enhance those repetitive button bashing moments or give you the edge in single fire combat.

VX4 Premium Wireless Controller


The 3.5mm port on the base of the controller is a common and must-have feature of any modern controller, but the port on the VX4 Premium Wireless controller, in my opinion, is far superior to the PS4’s DualShock 4 headset port. During my use switching between controller types, there was a distinct difference in the quality of sound produced by the VX4’s headset port, coming out clearer and louder than even the PS4’s own controller. This does not come without its downsides though, the VX4 may produce excellent sound but it also doesn’t account for the sound settings already on, for example, if your settings are already on its lowest the VX4 will come on loud as its default preventing you from turning it down. To prevent this it is simple, you just put the setting to a central location giving the choice of up or down, but unfortunately each time you change the game or restart your console the VX4 will default to your audio settings.


Having only taken about 20-30 minutes to complete the initial charge I was ready to play in no time, having a huge range of games to play I knew where to start, Call of Duty. Having been one of my most played games in my youth I know that CoD can be an intense experience even pushing official controllers to the very brink. Being fast-paced and all about the fastest finger first I was eager to try this new controller with its fancy turbo button, jumping into the new DLC mosh pit game mode I was off, being a bit rusty on multiplayer I expected to get a bit beat at-least until I got my bearings. An hour passed as I became frustrated as a couple of games in I should have been picking up pace but no, something just wasn’t working, I switched over to my official DualShock 4 and began to play, no troubles and I started getting kills and warming to the fast pace. Okay, I thought I’ll try the pad again it’s not my ability, so off I went pow, dead, pow and again for some reason it was like I was fighting my own aim, altering the game’s sensitivity didn’t matter it just wasn’t lining my shots up. Okay no problem, I put a few more hours in playing with the VX4 still not getting my swing so decided to try another big multiplayer game in hopes its an exclusive CoD problem, I turned to Battlefield another fast pasted action-packed game, feeling disheartened at my losses I wasn’t expecting much loading up, but as soon as I dropped into a team deathmatch I was off and nothing could stop me. Running to cover and annihilating my opponents in a flurry of kills, this VX4 was working wonders my kills just kept racking up and I played better than I had I a while feeling pleased at the results I continued through a list of games testing its ability verses the official controller including Warframe, Dirt Rally 2.0, Greedfall, Fortnite and a great many others varying in style. My only issues throughout were on CoD for the most part but I did have trouble on Surge 2 when trying to run and used the camera with my thumb at the same time struggling to reach as easily as usual.

VX4 Premium Wireless Controller


After some varied games testing, I found the VX4 Premium Wireless Controller to be an exceptional piece of third party technology produced by Gioteck, feeling light and comfortable in your hands it helps to bring relaxation back to gaming. A fantastically responsive and high-quality controller for more than the average gamer with its turbo button offering some in-game advantages. Check out more info on the VX4 here from Gioteck. Check out our review for another Gioteck controller, the WX4 for Nintendo Switch here. Also, check out the trailer for the VX4 Premium Wireless controller below.