World War Z Proving Grounds Update
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World War Z Proving Grounds Update Released

Saber Interactive alongside Focus Home Interactive has released the World War Z Proving Grounds Update for its hit co-op zombie shooter. Players are also now able to purchase the Biohazard Bundle DLC for $4.99 in the U.S and £3.99 here in the U.K.

World War Z is based on the film of the same name. It has players teaming up together in a co-op fashion to work their way through various scenarios whilst taking out massive hordes of zombies and trying to not get infected themselves. You can team up with friends or strangers to help you successfully complete each scenario.

World War Z Proving Grounds Update

The World War Z Proving Grounds Update features a new weekly challenge mode, a new rifle, and a new playlist option featuring unique gameplay modifiers, for example, all weapons replaced with crossbows or players take damage if they’re too close to each other. These additions have been designed to add more replayability to the game whilst also allowing you to test yourself with different play styles.

Completing Weekly Challenges will allow you to earn currency that can be used to purchase character customizations such as color schemes, headgear, backpack attachments and much more. So get earning some of that sweet currency and kit your characters out.

Players who fancy a tomahawk axe and three new weapon skins can purchase the new Biohazard Bundle DLC available on all platforms. As I mentioned earlier, this DLC costs $4.99 in the U.S and £3.99 here in the U.K.

The World War Z Proving Grounds Update brings the game’s first season to a close, with the second season coming soon. Season two will add new PvE maps, a Survival Mode, new weapons and a whole lot more. For more information check out the trailer below.

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