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Woven Review (PlayStation 4)

Welcome to our Woven review. Starting off its life as a failed kick-starter attempt, Woven has finally been brought to life with money and time invested from its developers who clearly had a lot of faith in the project.

  • Woven
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Reviewed On: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Alterego Games
  • Publisher: StickyLock Studios
  • Multiplayer: None
  • Available: November 15th, 2019
  • Price: £15.99 (U.K) $19.99 (U.S)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 7 (U.K) E10+ (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

Woven sees players take on the role of a stuffed toy elephant known as, Stuffy. One day he awakens to find that he is all alone in a land that was once inhabited by many more stuffed toy creatures. Since Stuffy is quite the clumsy character he is damaged upon waking up, but luckily comes across another character, known as Glitch who proves to be a very useful companion.

A game where exploration is the main point, Woven isn’t one to hold your hand and requires you to explore and figure things out for yourself. I found myself sinking hours into simply exploring the game’s gorgeous looking scenes whilst discovering new areas and secrets all of which hooked me in a fun way.

Woven review

The main mechanic of Woven revolves around puzzles of many different types and as I mentioned above it doesn’t hold your hand so each puzzle has a slight challenge to it, although they’re not overly hard to figure out which makes this a slightly challenging but fun family game so long as you and your kin have some level of patience as you will have to figure a lot of things out.

Throughout the game world, you’ll have to find patches of fabric, new plushie animals, flowers and other objects which you scan in order to customize Stuffy and give him other abilities.

Stuffed plushie animal blueprints are collected by completing music-based puzzles found in metal machines scattered around the world. Unfortunately, I did find these machine to be rather frustrating as they require you to move a series of mechanical needles up and down to ensure notes pass through them but the way the puzzle has been designed makes it rather annoying as it can seem like the needles are too close to one another and this makes it rather tricky to move the right one especially as you rush to hit each note.

Woven review

Both Stuffy and his companion Glitch have their own set of abilities which you’ll often find yourself relying on as you wander through the game’s vast world. Whilst Glitch’s ability set stays with him the whole way through the game, Stuffy’s changes depending on what plushie animal character you have him set as.

Changing Stuffy’s plushie form requires you to visit special machines vastly scattered around the world particularly in areas close to puzzles you’ll need to solve using one of Stuffy’s many forms. These machines not only allow you to change Stuffy’s form but also his appearance with different colors and patterns you’ve collected throughout your journey.

The control scheme for Woven is a bit of a royal pain if I’m honest and that’s because you’ll find yourself having to use R2 to access Stuffy’s abilities including one that allows you to flip over blocks in your way instead of just being able to press square or any of the buttons. In a similar fashion Glitch’s abilities are accessed by holding down the L2 button.

Woven review

A vast game world such as the one featured in Woven should have a world map but unfortunately, the developers decided to leave that out. This is a very big mistake in my opinion and means you’ll have to remember your way around the map and hopefully not get lost.

Graphically Woven looks like a wonderful work of art thanks to its entire environment looking like it has been woven together with yarn. Everything from the paths you walk, to the trees you pass is woven and it looks and feels like a whole lot of love and time was put into crafting this gorgeous world.

In conclusion, Woven is a game that’s been well put together to suit a family-friendly game packed full of adventure and mystery. Its environments are simply stunning, whilst its lead character and his metal companion are like a match made in heaven. It has a few downsides such as the lack of a map, awful control setup and annoying music puzzles which all spoil the game enough for me to care, but not enough for me to stop playing.

That concludes our Woven review. To purchase the game on PS4 check out the links below.

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