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Wunderling Coming To Switch And PC In 2020

Retroid has today announced that its upcoming 2D platformer, Wunderling is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch next year. A price is yet to be decided.

Wunderling sees you take on the role of a video game henchman who is given the ability to jump by his master, the evil sorceress known as Kohlrabi. Kohlrabi sets you off on a mission to defeat the game’s hero, Carrot Man, whilst protecting her prisoner, Princess Pea.


Players will find that they are unable to change direction or stop at will and therefore it’s important that planning ahead is done if you want to be successful.

“Being on a Nintendo platform is surreal – almost dream-like. We’re thrilled that our little indie game will get a shot at a huge audience through one of the world’s most beloved consoles,” says Niklas Istenes, producer and game designer at Retroid. “When designing Wunderling, we originally wanted to create an adventure game based around a single button and show that you can indeed make a traditional platformer with that premise. In Wunderling, you clear levels like traditional platform games – and you even have boss stages! We eventually added more buttons, but the game can still be played with one hand.”


  • Jump between platforms and solve puzzles with one hand!
  • Discover a hidden treasure in each stage.
  • Unlock hidden Wunder-moves like “Boost” and “Wall-Jump”!
  • Enjoy beautiful bite-sized pixel art.
  • Laugh out loud with an original story by Alex Faciane (The Completionist/Super Beard Bros.)
  • Listen to a nostalgic soundtrack by Ratvader (Oscar Sidoff Rydelius) of else Heart.Break()Anthill (Nintendo Switch version), and Kenshō fame.
  • Track down the hero: In Wunderling, YOU’RE the boss!

Wunderling is due to launch next year on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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