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WWE 2K20 PS4 Review

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WWE 2K20 is the latest entry for 2K’s wrestling series and features a robust amount of content and customisation options as well as a create your own character career mode.


If you have played any wrestling game you probably already have some idea of what to expect when it comes to playing this one, generally speaking you will be going head to head against another superstar chipping away at each other’s health until one is victorious over the other, either by submission or pinfall. That’s just the standard match type however and there are many more to choose from such as six way tag matches and falls count anywhere matches among many others.

WWE 2K20 Horsewomen

One thing I found with your opponents is that they can be surprisingly resilient and it can sometimes take a great deal of effort to pin them and even more to get them to submit, whereas you can be beaten fairly easily especially if you have trouble with the minigames. When you get pinned you have three chances to stop a marker in the sweet spot to kick out and that sweet spot shrinks the more damage your character has sustained. When it comes to submissions though you have to play a sort of cat and mouse game where you rotate your marker around a circle and try to stop it being covered by your opponent’s marker, if you’re the one using the submission technique then you’ll be the one trying to cover their marker. I found the submission minigames particularly difficult to win at but thankfully you do have the option to switch it so you can tap buttons to overpower the other superstar, it’s still not easy to make them submit but it’s definitely easier to escape.

The controls took me some learning and in the beginning I was constantly pausing to check what buttons I had to use to perform specific actions, it got a lot easier though when I started customising my character’s moves and I saw that the control scheme wasn’t as complicated as it first appears. While you’re customising you can also choose to practice moves if you want to. The most important thing I would probably say is to learn to be handy with the triangle button, it will allow you to reverse your opponents’ moves and although it doesn’t let you do it all the time it can help you turn things around when you can do it. I found it was most useful when my character was injured so they’d take a while to get back to their feet because it would mean that your opponent would help you to your feet to take advantage of your weakened state but when you reverse it, not only are you back up and able to move about again, you can also regain the upper hand.

WWE 2K20 Universe

There’s a load of modes available in WWE 2K20 though I mainly played the MY PLAYER campaign in which you have to create both a female and male superstar and relive their rise to fame. It’s a great mode to play and I found the story was surprisingly engaging and the two you create make for likeable characters, especially the male one who is a bit of a dope. The story goes that they’re two best friends who make a list of all the things they want to accomplish as professional wrestlers and is set around the time they’re about to cross the final thing off their list, they’re reminiscing about key moments in their career so the story goes back and forth between past and present. Because the story wants you go down a specified route you get the occasional match where you have to fulfil objectives which will trigger cutscenes and more often than not, unfortunately it makes you lose the matches. While it made sense for the story why you would lose, I still didn’t like the idea of losing matches when it was beyond my control.

As you play through the MY PLAYER career your characters will level up allowing you to collect skill and attribute points to invest in their skill trees, attribute points can be used to do things such as increase a character’s strength or their resistance to submissions while skill points unlock abilities such as being able to perform finishers through a table or leap over the ropes to do diving attacks. This means that the more you use them them the better they get and the easier it will be for you to win matches when using them. In the MY PLAYER tab you can also find challenge towers you can play using your created characters or you can take part in the weekly or daily challenges and if you earn enough stars while playing those matches then you can qualify to play in a PPV event.

WWE 2K20 Skill Tree

As well all as the MY PLAYER career, there’s also a campaign that features four prominent female wrestlers known as the Four Horsewomen and you can play key fights from their career, much like the MY PLAYER career these also have objectives to fulfil to make the action seem as close to the real match as possible. The Four Horsewomen are Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley. In the 2K Central section there’s also a mode called 2K Towers and there’s a load of these featuring many different wrestlers and different match types. As if that wasn’t enough content there’s a mode called Universe where you basically get to run your own WWE schedule, decide who fights who in which kind of match and on what day of the week. You can decide if it’s a championship match, whether or not there are rivalries and you can either simulate the matches and let it decide who comes out on top, watch it to see it happen live or you can take a more direct approach and take control of one of the competitors.

There’s a massive amount of customisation options available in WWE 2K20, from the moves you have available to how the characters dress and you can even create new shows and arenas. The only problem is that a lot of things require unlocking using the in game currency and while you can earn it, most of the items can be fairly pricey meaning it’ll take a while before you can get some of the things you want and it could take an incredibly long time to unlock everything, there are packs you can buy to speed up the process however. If you choose to, you can also download any of the creations another player has uploaded.

To Conclude

Being someone who hadn’t played a wrestling game since WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2009 I was more than a little rusty when it came playing this one, especially when it came to playing the MY PLAYER career and I found that I couldn’t perform moves like climbing to the top rope, it confused me, until of course I started investing in the skill tree and found that those things had to be unlocked. The general consensus at the moment is to hate on this game but to be honest, overall I enjoyed playing WWE 2K20 and although I’d heard lot about how some people were experiencing glitches so bad that it warranted refunds, I can say that other than a couple of crashes and a weird stretching effect on my female characters’ hands, I didn’t have any problems with it, nothing like what I’ve been seeing online and especially nothing game breaking. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was the weird sepia tone grain effect the game uses when you’re playing an old match.

WWE 2K20 Big Head

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