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A Grand Brix Shooter Review

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Welcome to our Grand Brix Shooter review. Developed by Intra Games using Unity to create Grand Brix Shooter. With two fast paced modes; arcade and challenge mode. It’s enjoyable for a quick play, featuring a scoreboard to show off your greatest scores, a list of in game achievements and a collection allowing you to view all the different varieties of ships available, also showing their special attacks and how they change as the ships level increases.

Grand Brix Shooter Review Grand Brix Shooter Review


Grand Brix Shooter is a side scrolling, spaceship flying, laser blasting, doom dodging mix with a hint of multiplayer madness. Highly detailed backgrounds leave you in awe as you fly through the sky in a fifties style advert, realistic clouds spread across multiple layers zoom past setting the game’s speed. Using contrasting graphic types on the ships, collectables and enemies to enhance visibility, taking the shape of ships similar to Kingdom Hearts gummi ships, using basic geometry to construct various types of spacecrafts.

Grand Brix Shooter Review Grand Brix Shooter Review


The two modes feel very much the same with arcade mode, a single player experience offering two difficulties , normal and hard. You will be surviving set levels testing your skill as it grows more intense, using the ship class types differing abilities based on your style of play. This helps to successfully pass the levels but doesn’t always sufficiently level up to beat the bosses as effectively. The scoreboard for arcade shows the overall score obtained as-well as showing the number of stages passed. Unfortunately arcade mode doesn’t work off of a lives system and doesn’t save or checkpoint, but if you die you are offered the option of a retry.

Grand Brix Shooter Review Grand Brix Shooter Review



The other mode is challenge mode. This time there is the option for a second player to join, each round is more difficult than arcade with randomly selected bosses and ship boosts that increase the speed and power as the levels progress. Offering no continues on death, challenge mode is definitely more challenging than arcade, unless you partner up although in this case, you do share a health bar with your teammate.

Grand Brix Shooter Review Grand Brix Shooter Review


Grand Brix Shooter doesn’t really have much to it for extensive play but is an excellent time filler being much more fun with a friend in challenge mode to help destroy your enemies.  A colorful barrage of neon bullets stands between you and victory, bob and weave releasing immense power moves obliterating even the bullets of your foes. Grand Brix Shooter is out now on Nintendo Switch and you can get it on the Nintendo store.

That concludes our Grand Brix Shooter review.