Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition review
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Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to our Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition review. Originally released back in 2015 in arcades and then making its way to PS3 and PS4 in 2016, Blazblue CentralFiction was said to be the last mainline game in the series.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never played a Blazblue game before in my life so I was excited when the opportunity arose to try this and then review this on the Nintendo Switch. As a newcomer to the series, I am so far impressed by what I have seen.

  • Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Arc Systems Works
  • Publisher: PQUBE
  • Multiplayer: Online and Local
  • Available: 8th February 2019
  • Price: £34.99 (U.K), $49.99 (U.S)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 (U.K/E.U), T (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

Developed by Arc System Works, Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition is a 2D fighting game and a very gorgeous looking one at that. Colors are bright, background scenes are packed with just enough stuff to be noticeable but a not distraction and each character has been so well created and brought to life that you can really see the artist’s love for what they do. There’s so much detail here and it really makes use of all that the Nintendo Switch’s 720p display has to offer whilst looking even better on a T.V.

As fighting games go, Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition is packed full of different button combos for different characters and at first, this does seem overwhelming but with on-screen instructions present for each combo it becomes easy to learn. The only thing that did take me a while to get used to is the fact the buttons for the combos on the instructions aren’t labeled the same as the Nintendo Joy-Cons.

Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition review
An easy to access command list.

There’s no doubt that Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition has its challenging moments and you’ll have to balance your defense with your offense to get the better of your enemies before they get the best of you. For newcomers such as myself, this is a bit of a challenge at first but soon becomes the norm and for fans of the series, well its something they’ve always been used to, so they’ll be happy to know it remains here.

A good kick always help.

Something we don’t see a lot of in fighting games is a fully detailed story, yet this one actually has one, a very long one that is fully voiced and fully animated, although unfortunately, the voices are Japanese so you’ll just have to make do with English subtitles. I won’t talk too much about the story as I don’t want to ruin it, but for the most part, it’s ok with some humorous moments’ even if the plot itself is a bit outlandish.

Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition review
One of the game’s many well-animated story scenes.

As well as the aforementioned story mode, Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition features lots of other modes for newcomers and fans alike to sink their teeth into and get more out of the game. Check out each mode below.

  • Arcade Mode – In this mode you can enjoy each character’s individual story while fighting your way through computer opponents.
  • V.S Mode – Fight against the computer or gather your friends in your front room and see which of you is truly the best.
  • Grim Of Abyss Mode – Defeat waves of enemies and your character gains strength along the way. The goal is to reach the bottom level of Kagutsuchi.
  • Score Attack Mode – Pick a course and the face off against the computer with regulated settings while gaming for a high score.
  • Speed Star Mode – Defeat each enemy that appears whilst also competing for the quickest finishing time.
Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition review
The Arcade mode’s character selection screen.

If you fancy taking your skills online, then the Network Mode is where you want to be. Here you are able to compete with other Blazblue players all around the world. I have tried this but in all honesty, I kept getting beaten due to my lack of skill. That said the matchmaking is quick and easy and the overall online experience is a lot of fun. I have had no real issues with the connectivity during online play.

Since this is a Special Edition it comes complete with all of the DLC that’s ever been released for the game during its PS3/PS4 time. This means you get one nicely sized bundle of joy to play without having to fork out much more money.

In conclusion, Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition is a fantastic 2D fighting game that’s great for both fans and newcomers of the series. A detailed story complete with scenes and voice acting sets it aside from a lot of other fighting games, although it’s a shame there has been no work done to produce an English DUB version. Fights that require a balance of defense and offense make this a challenging yet fun game. With several modes to choose from and an online mode, the playability is expanded beyond just the story mode to offer many more hours of fun.

That concludes our Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition review. For more information about the game or to buy it check out the links below.

Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition – eShop U.K

Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition – eShop U.S

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