Boiling Steel

Boiling Steel Coming To Early Access In December

MiroWin Studio has announced that its upcoming VR game, Boiling Steel is entering Early Access for Steam, Oculus, and VivePort on December 5th, 2019 with a US price tag of $19.99.

In development since 2018, Boiling Steel is a game made for gamers who love fast action games complete with a complex story-rich setting and gorgeous graphics to match.

Boiling Steel

Set on a colonized planet in the future designed to be a bastion of scientific research and development, Boiling Steel has players taking on the role of an Engineer in the Engineering Corps who must discover the who what and why behind a virus that was deliberately unleashed upon your once paradise of a home.


  • 9 tools, each with a unique playstyle, upgrades, and handling
  • Experience upgrade system: The more you use a tool, the more powerful it becomes. Be rewarded for sticking with a favorite.
  • Non-story missions are randomly generated to make each playthrough exciting and unique.
  • More than 40 combat missions equaling over 10 hours of action-packed VR shooting goodness.
  • A variety of enemy shells with a multitude of armaments, configurations, and combat style.
  • Overcome planetary security systems such as automated turrets, minefields, energy barriers, and more with smarts, quick reflexes, and puzzle-solving ability.
  • Explore cloud-city complexes, frozen structures, sandy mining platforms, and more.

For more information about Boiling Steel check out the game’s Steam page.

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