Borderlands 3 DLC Gameplay Trailer
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Borderlands 3 DLC Gameplay Trailer Released

2K Games has today released a Borderlands 3 DLC gameplay trailer that shows off the first 14 minutes of the upcoming Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsom Jackpot DLC. This DLC is the first proper add on content for the game and is due to release on December 19th across all platforms.

The trailer features plenty of glitzy lights, Hyperion Loader Bots, and even a cameo from the man himself, Handsome Jack, well kind of. So what are you waiting for? Check it out below.

  • Explore a glitzy new galaxy destination packed with unique zones worthy of Handsome Jack’s lavish lifestyle and dirty dealings;
  • Join Moxxi’s crew of eccentric characters and pull off the ultimate casino heist in a series of thrilling campaign missions;
  • Discover hidden secrets and strange happenings in The Handsome Jackpot via fresh side missions and Crew Challenges;
  • Get a blast from Pandora’s past when you battle the Hyperion forces that outlived Handsome Jack, including never-before-seen enemies and larger-than-life bosses;
  • Perfect your Vault Hunter’s gear loadout with all-new Legendary weapons and gear;
  • Expand your collection of cosmetics with even more customization items, including Vault Hunter heads and skins, weapon trinkets, an ECHO Device skin, and new emotes.

Borderlands 3 DLC Gameplay Trailer

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