Borderlands 3 Mayhem On Twitch
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Borderlands 3 Mayhem On Twitch Starts Today

As the Borderlands Anniversary Event draws closer to its final week, 2K and Gearbox are giving Borderlands 3 players a double whammy of bonuses with the Borderlands 3 Mayhem On Twitch event which goes live via a micro patch by 11 pm tonight and runs up until October 29th.

For the entire duration of the Borderlands 3 Mayhem On Twitch event, players who activate the Mayhem mode will see increases for the chance of anointed weapons dropping and XP earned from beating enemies. There are also some reducements in values for Mayhem Mode penalty modifiers.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem On Twitch

Viewers and streamers alike on Twitch will get to enjoy some amped-up ECHOcast features. A permanent change is that Badass Viewers Events will occur much more often than before, whilst voting periods will be accelerated for the period of the event to make these badass enemies even more of a challenge. Lastly, the win-rate for Rare Chest Events will shoot up to 100% from the current 1-in-4 chance.

Unlocking Mayhem Mode can only be achieved by completing the main Borderlands 3 story campaign. Once the main story is completed a special console onboard Sanctuary III will become accessible, allowing you to start.

Earning rewards through ECHOcast requires no real effort and all you have to do is link your SHiFT and Twitch accounts, which is as easy as following the guide found on this blog post.

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