Borderlands 3 Seasonal Event
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Borderlands 3 Seasonal Event Live Now

As of yesterday (24/10) Borderlands 3 players are able to access the first-ever Borderlands 3 seasonal event, Bloody Harvest, a Halloween themed event that brings with some fun in the form of spooky madness and runs until December 5th. A substantial update patch was also released that addresses some concerns players have had as well as support for Photo Mode and the ECHOcast Twitch Extension on consoles.

In case you’ve missed all of the news in regard to the Borderlands 3 seasonal event known as Bloody Harvest check out this article, we published not so long ago for more information on what you can expect if you take part.

Borderlands 3 Seasonal Event

Gearbox has also shared some news in regard to the future of Borderlands 3 with a roadmap detailing what we can expect from future upgrades and content add ons as well as what this new patch contains. The list which is jam-packed full of useful information can be read over on the official Borderlands 3 website.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already and fancy getting in on the spooky fun get your ass over to your console or PC and fire Borderlands 3 up already.

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