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Bus Simulator 18 Ready To Depart September 17th

Bus simulation fans get ready for departure as Bus Simulator 18 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on September 17th. The game will be available from each of the console’s respective digital marketplace, although there’s no word of a physical version.

Bus Simulator 18 offers the player a chance to create and run their own bus company in Seaside Valley, a fictional European city. Throughout the city, you’ll be able to take on challenging missions from the cab of your public transport vehicle.

Since this is a simulator game it will have you doing everything a bus driver has to do from manging the lights, deploying the wheelchair ramp when required, operating the ticket machine and arriving at each stop on time, all of this whilst maintaining a comfortable and legal speed.

Bus Simulator 18

The game features fully licensed replicas of real buses which will be a pleaser to any of the bus watchers out there. Attention and detail have been paid to each of the game’s various bus models to ensure a model as close to the real thing as possible.

Bus Simulator 18

Bus Simulator 18 is already available to purchase on PC through Steam for £26.99 in the U.K. It will depart from PS4 and Xbox One on September 17th, 2019 with a price of 39.99 EUR and 39.99 USD.

To get a glimpse of Bus Simulator 18 in action, check out the official PC release trailer below.

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