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Bus Simulator Now Departing From PS4 And Xbox One

Astragon Entertainment and Stillalive Studios have proudly released Bus Simulator to PS4 and Xbox One. After releasing in 2018 for PC as Bus Simulator 2018, the game has enjoyed great success and picked up many fans from the single station. The addition of these two consoles means more people will be able to board the Bus Simulator bus.

Starting off from scratch you’ll be in charge of running your own bus company which will require you to create routes and hire employees as well as driving buses yourself. It truly is a full-on, hands-on bus driving/company management experience.

Bus Simulator

Featuring officially licensed buses from well-known companies like MAN, Mercedes-Benz, and Iveco, this game has something to please all bus fans. What’s even better is that each bus in the game can be driven using a steering wheel/pedal setup or just a normal controller if you don’t want to be too fancy.

Bus Simulator is available to purchase now from the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 for 39.99 EUR / 39.99 USD. We recently reviewed the game on PS4 and found it to be quite a lot of fun, even though it emulated the stress of bus drivers quite well.

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