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Call of Cthulhu Coming Forth Heres a Review

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Welcome to our Call Of Cthulhu review. Call of Cthulhu sees you entering the world of Detective Edward Pierce, a Private Investigator, ex-man of action and military personnel. Now stuck in a tiresome job day after day investigating the petty disputes between lovers and families, Pierce often comforts himself with the bottle. Hired by wealthy industrialist Stephen Webster to investigate the alleged death of his daughter Sarah Hawkins, under the bizarre circumstances relating to her artworks in Darkwater. Having received her final works after her death he believes her to still be alive and the sender of the work, despite the entire family having been reported as dead in the fire. Pierce decides to overlook the case can makes way to Darkwater to take part in the investigation, or is it his destiny? Check out the trailer below.

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Having been developed by Cyanide Studios, the creators of the Styx series and even the Game of Thrones games, they have continued developing some extremely good games and Call of Cthulhu is due for publication by Focus Home Entertainment on October 30th. Focus already having had a great year with games such as The Surge 2, Vampyr and even Greedfall already this year are set again for another special title.


Taking longer to install than most Switch games I’ve had the pleasure of playing, I had high expectations of Call of Cthulhu, with my line of thinking being that if this takes over an hour to install that it must then be either really big or incredible quality. Honestly, I’m not disappointed, by far one of the best and most exciting detective games I’ve ever played. From square one the story starts to reel you in, using a stereotypical detectives office and dressed as such, Edward’s voice is deeply consistent and similar to Adam West fitting the role perfectly. Exploring the small office you examine everything you can, quickly learning how easy it is to influence your destiny, not knowing whether or not it’s positive or negative as you’re forced forward setting off to Darkwater in search of answers for Stephen Webster. Exploring the dark whalers town there are various people and encounters to be made giving optional conversational choices, and information on your case and in some situations choices can’t be undone and can affect the outcome or progression of the story. Collecting what evidence you can through any means necessary you earn points that allow for upgrading different skill sets based on how you want to play, this will impact how you can interact with characters and the environment in order to progress, having to think of other ways when the obvious fails. Over the course of the game, you are taken through a journey of pure disbelief, the choice being yours you pick a path becoming more consumed by the intriguing story, deciding for yourself if there are things that go bump in the night or will the design be taken from your hands.

Call of Cthulhu review Call of Cthulhu review

Graphics and Audio

For a Nintendo Switch game, I usually don’t expect much, the hybrid console that’s more DS than PS usually pummels out low quality pick up and play games only offering a handful of decent plays and usually overpriced. Call of Cthulhu isn’t only a great game to play but its also visually stunning both for its gameplay and much higher quality cutscenes, offering dark well-built environments with all the aesthetics that you expect to see adding plenty of intractable items. The audio is mostly atmospheric and doesn’t over embellish in music to assist in its scares, walking the corridors hearing your footsteps and other sounds get you truly creeped out, and it easily builds tension quickly. Below is a short taste of the intro.


That concludes our Call of Cthulhu review. Call of Cthulhu is an intense story-driven psychological thriller experience that keeps your heart racing, also keeping you on your toes as you carefully pick what to say and to who, definitely worth getting for Nintendo Switch as its an unforgettable game you will want to play over and over. Check out a clip below.