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Cat Quest 2 Review (PlayStation 4)

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Welcome to our Cat Quest 2 review. Cat Quest 2 is a fantastic family adventure RPG where players join a cat and dog duo in either solo or co-op quests across Felingard searching to reforge the ancient Kingblade, in hopes of finally ending the endless wars and defeat the sinister Lioner. Developed by Gentlebros and published by PQube, Cat Quest 2 is a fantastic sequel having been released on the 24th of October 2019 for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out a little gameplay below.

Graphics and Audio

Cat Quest 2 utilizes a top-down camera angle across an RPG world map having many large structures and monsters scattered about, the developers have used a great amount of color and what id guess is hand-painted textures which add detail to the terrain, buildings, and characters. Thick character lines help to secure Cat Quest 2’s cartoony animated look working well with the colors chosen, whilst topping off the exquisite design are additional animations overlaying the game world. Waves move in the wind as dust spots and clouds drift by the shadows moving along the ground, other animations from characters and enemies of which bring the map to life. Well painted castles, towers, dungeons, caves and villages scattered about the world most of which can be entered, uncovering well thought out simple caves in the same well balanced colorful art style. The music overlaying the game is fitting for the game type adding to the sense of adventure already well-founded by its visuals. Even the sounds from combat are entertaining with swords clanging, magic zapping and exploding aswell as funny sounds produce by many characters.

Cat Quest 2 review


The story takes you across the land of Felingard. Guided by Kirry you learn the state of their world, where cats and dogs are fighting, after going to war with each other and the evil Lioner reaps the benefits of the catastrophic effects of the ongoing war. The combat in Cat Quest 2 is fast-paced using a basic attack, a dodge and various spells linked to the triggers. You can customize your characters by equipping different swords or staffs as well as a massive variety of armor and hats that alter the stats of each player. Traveling the map is refreshing and enjoyable with un-restricting access to many areas allowing you to freely explore. The scattered caves and dungeons offer various trails and tests often rewarding new equipment and coins, and some are combat based whilst others are primarily trap-filled but each one is always short and sweet. Amidst the varying caves, dungeons and story missions there are also many side quests dotted around that allow players to engage in entertaining side stories and gain alternative equipment. All the inventory you acquire can also be upgraded at the cost of different amounts of gold at each level.

Cat Quest 2 review


That concludes our Cat Quest 2 review. Cat Quest 2 is a fantastic game with a very enjoyable story, very child-friendly plot with beautiful use of color and animation, the gameplay is simple enough for children to understand, and combat gets easier as you upgrade and unlock more spells, its fun to play and perfect for children of all ages. Check out Cat Quest 2 here on the Playstation store.