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Get a taste of Catherine: Full Body with a free demo available now on the PlayStation Store.

Those of you who are avid Atlus fans may remember a game not too long a go by the name of Catherine, well you can rejoice because the titular title is getting a re-release. Due out on September 3rd, Catherine: Full Body boasts a number of changes over its older counter part, chief among which being the inclusion of Rin a new neighbour and possible love interest for Vincent. There are also new cut-scenes and endings as well as new patrons to talk to in the Stray Sheep.Check out the press release for the demo below or you can also visit the official site for the game here.

Make a Decision You Won’t Regret – Download the Catherine: Full Body Demo on PSN Now!

Decisions Trailer Now Live – Which Catherine Will You Choose?

IRVINE, Calif. – Looking to try something new and exciting? Or are you looking for something more familiar and comfortable? No matter what you’re looking for, Catherine: Full Body has something in store for you. Try a tantalising taste of Catherine: Full Body’s main story with a free demo, available now on the PlayStation Store™!

Make Up Your Mind!Your decisions in the demo may not make much of a difference, but when Catherine: Full Body launches in the West on September 3, it’s going to be best to know what (or who) you want, or suffer the consequences of your indecision. Check out the new Decisions Trailer now, and get ready to make your own decision on September 3!
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