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Coolpaintr VR Deluxe Version Coming To Retail

Perp Games has announced that it is releasing a retail exclusive version of the 2018 PSVR game, Coolpaintr VR. Coolpaintr VR Deluxe will be an exclusive to retail version of the game and is due to launch on October 25th 2019.

This release will include the base game, brand new Voxel DLC, wallpapers, CoolpaintrVR: Beyond The Limits, and some unrevealed digital goodies. All of this is sure to get your inner artist working its little socks off in the virtual world of painting.

Coolpaintr VR Deluxe

Coolpaintr VR has been created to suit all audiences, whether they have an art degree or just want to have a bit of fun with VR in a more unique way. With a wide range of brushes and other artist’s tools the game really allows you to open up and created what your mind desires. There really is something for everyone in this artistic VR experience.

Impressively Coolpaintr VR runs consistently at 120fps, a feat of which its developers are quite proud. This means the game is able to offer a cadence that is highly realistic and very precise, ensuring a smooth and pleasing experience.

“We are so
proud to partner with Perp Games for the physical release of CoolPaintr VR Deluxe Edition. This
exciting opportunity gives our fans a new way to enjoy its exclusive content, and keep it forever
in their collection of favourite games.”
– Fernando De Rada: Studio Director at Sngular
“Virtual Reality affords some amazing
possibilities and CoolPaintr VR really brings some of those to life. We’re delighted to work with
Sngular to produce a Deluxe Edition of the game and can’t wait to see some of your creations!”
– Rob Edwards: Managing Director at Perp Games
Coolpaintr VR Deluxe launches on October 25th, 2019 for PlayStation 4’s PSVR system. For more information about it, check out its official website here.
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