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Crazy Machines VR Getting A PS4 Physical Release

Fakt Software, Wild River, and Perp Games are proud to announce that Crazy Machines VR will be hitting retail for PlayStation 4 on October 18th, 2019. This is the first time ever that the series has had a VR release and is the first time it’s had a PlayStation physical release.

The Crazy Machines franchise, originally founded in 2005, features physics-based puzzling at its best. In this newest PSVR release, players are able to work their way through 40 different levels as they learn all of the different mechanics featured within the game.

Split into 5 different chapters the PSVR version features trophies, challenges and many different settings to enjoy. For the first time ever in the series, players will now take on the role of the Professor instead of his dutiful assistant.

Crazy Machines VR

Putting you at the center of the puzzles ensures that Crazy Machines VR offers a unique and fun way to play, albeit a very challenging way. Using your brains and movement you will have to solve the games different puzzles to pass each level.

Crazy Machines VR for PlayStation VR releases physically on October 18th, 2019.

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