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Curious Expedition 2 Alpha Test Sets Sail Today

Thunderful Games has today invited players to take part in their Curious Expedition 2 Alpha Test. The closed Alpha kicks off today (27th November) with the final version of the game expected to hit Steam and consoles in 2020.

Players can join the Alpha using one of two methods. The first one involves finding the golden pyramid in the new Rivals update to the original Curious Expedition game, and anyone who finds it will receive instant access to the number 2 Alpha. The other method is as simple as visiting the Curious Expedition website.

Curious Expedition 2

Curious Expedition 2 continues offering the thrill of exploration and discovery that players loved from the first game but also brings along some new features.


  • Explore worlds that are up to 10,000 times larger than in the original game.
  • Discover new regions and have your name and portrait remembered for all other players to see.
  • Hidden away in a massive world is a single golden pyramid. Will you be the explorer to discover it first?
  • Acquire prestigious badges with every golden pyramid you discover.
  • Equip your trek with over 140 Expedition Crates to customize your playstyle and experiment with different strategies.
  • The adventurer who first finds the hidden pyramid will go down in the ongoing history of RIVALS and start the countdown to a completely new, procedural world.


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