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Dino Shooter VR: Dinosaur Island PSVR Review

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The Game

Dino Shooter VR: Dinosaur Island is an on rails shooter that takes you through a few different stages and has you blasting away at the pesky dinos that want a bit of human for breakfast. There’s not really a story to speak of, despite the game’s store listing stating that you’ve been paid to find and rescue a missing team of scientists. When the game starts you’re staring at a helicopter which is then downed in a lighting storm, causing you to plummet to the dinosaur infested island with no mention of any contracted work, unless of course the dialogue on the version of the game I played was somehow absent.



There’s only a small amount of variety within the game and it doesn’t really get much more fun as you play through, being taken about on rails makes it feel as though you’re playing some kind of coin operated arcade machine and the levels are just as short, if not shorter than you might expect from a game like that. To add to the insult of the game not being very long, it’s also not very difficult, the weapons you get throughout the course of the game are more than up to the task of downing any would be predators. Each level is split into two parts and you go along a track stopping periodically to take care of the dinosaurs that come at you from the front and sides, the bigger dinos require a few more shots to be put down and rather annoyingly you have to wait until the game tells you that you can shoot at them by flashing a circular indicator on their weak spots.

When you finish the second part of each location you get rewarded with a new weapon, something that may allow you to fire a few more shots before needing to be reloaded or having a greater range but in practice I didn’t really notice much of a difference in their effectiveness beyond the reloading aspect. Once you fully get the hang of the game it doesn’t seem to matter what weapon you use, you’re still not likely to have a harder time. The best thing about the game had to be the variety in the locations, however short lived each one might have been.



To Conclude

Dino Shooter VR or Dinosaur Island or whatever the game wants to be called since it seems to be something different depending on your choice of platform, is a game that literally took an hour to finish and that was with playing a couple of the stages more than once, it’s a complete let down, coming from someone who was looking forward to getting to play it and it is absolutely not worth the asking price on PlayStation VR. Sure, it’s a game that’s compatible with the much underutilised Aim Controller but it doesn’t make use of it, the only button you need to use is the trigger or if you want to spice it up for whatever reason then you can use the X button on the back of it. There’s some moderate replayability to be had with the game if you want to try and get the best score that you can get, or maybe even challenge your friends to see who gets the highest score. The game doesn’t look too bad in VR either and the dinosaurs are well modelled, even if their animations are a little wonky. The environments however feel empty and maybe a little bit wasted considering there’s no way for you to explore, you have to go where the game wants you to and you don’t even get to choose when you move. In all likelihood, this may not be a game you revisit after finishing it.

If you want to try this game for yourself and you are able to get it on a different platform, do so since it’s much cheaper on the Oculus and is even free on mobile. You can head to this link to get a bit more information on the game or see some of the other offerings from Lakento.

You can get Dino Shooter VR on a few platforms including mobile, you can find the links to buy the game below;


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Google Play

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