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Doctor Who: The Edge of Time PSVR Review

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The Doctor has been captured and she needs your help to set things right again and free her from her imprisonment.

The Game

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is a straight forward game and features some level of interactivity that VR players have come to expect, though it’s not nearly as much as you would like and it feels more like you’re along for the ride in an episode rather than the focus of a game. You’ll spend the majority of the game going from place to place being guided along and told what to do, there are some puzzles to solve but they’re so simple that they can be solved in a matter of moments and don’t really require any thought at all. Perhaps the most complex puzzle in Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is the one that requires you to operate the Tardis at the beginning of the game and you’re shown which things you have to interact with and in what order, so it’s more a case that you’ll only struggle with it if you have trouble remembering the steps.

As you get into Doctor Who: The Edge of Time you’ll acquire the Doctor’s trademark Sonic Screwdriver but disappointingly it doesn’t seem to do much of anything beyond opening doors and while there are some puzzles to solve it seems that you spend most of your time just walking around while people talk into your ear. Things do start to pick up a bit as you near the end of the game when Daleks start showing up but it seems like a case of too little too late and any enjoyment you get from your encounter with them doesn’t last very long, though you can always stick to mocking their odd design and their tendency to announce everything they’re doing in a loud and funny computer voice.

While the game itself may not be too fun to play it at least has an interesting story and I can’t argue that the environments were nice to look at, there was some great atmosphere, particularly around the mid point of the game where things took an unexpected creepy turn and it began to feel more like I was playing some horror game.



One plus side on the VR aspect of things I found with Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, something that’s usually a problem with VR games, is that I didn’t have any issues with the tracking and thanks to the fact that nothing you need to interact with is at ground level there’s no need to bend and contort yourself trying to reach something while also remaining in the view of the camera

To Conclude

I have to be honest and say that I am not much of a fan of Doctor Who and have barely seen any of it so I have to take what I saw in this game at face value without much knowledge of the world and its characters at my disposal, it’s hard to say whether or not fans would enjoy this given the lack of the Doctor herself, save for some disembodied speech and a floating hologram head. Having said that, I would only recommend this game to die hard Doctor Who fans who have always wanted to live out an episode of the show and even then I would suggest that you perhaps wait for a sale since Doctor Who: The Edge of Time can be finished in one sitting, it took me roughly about three hours to reach the end.

If not for the low level of interactivity I might have had more fun with it but as it is you’re not really going to get much fun out of it and you’d probably be better off just going to watch some of the show itself, though I have to say the main saving grace is that there’s some great voice acting.

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