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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Coming July 12th

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is soon to release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo on July 12th, the follow up to the hit Dragon Quest themed block building game.

The Children of Hargon, a destruction worshipping cult, have unleashed darkness upon the world and it’s up to you as a Builder along with your trusty companion Malroth to bring back the light. Based on an alternate history version of the Story of the original Dragon Quest 2, where the villains were victorious.

With vastly bigger worlds to explore than its predecessor and an 8-bit styled mini map to accompany it, you’ll find lots of fun to be had in exploration. As well as more to explore, there’s now a first person mode to help when it comes to looking around those tight spaces and small dungeons. This can be toggled between at any time time, so really feel free to experiment and see which view suits your playstyle.

There has also been a quality of life improvement where your characters’ sword and hammer are assigned to different buttons, meaning you no longer have to scroll through your equipment. As well as this players can now also sprint and glide around using a parachute, Super Mario World style.

For those of you who like to team up with friends and tackle things a a group, Dragon Quest Builders 2 offers four player co-op.

If you like your news a little more list like and to the point, here’s a list of key features from a press release that should give you a good idea about what to expect with the new game and what players can do;

  • Construct bigger structures with more variety and options than before.
  • Travel faster by soaring, swimming and dashing through the expansive world.
  • Inspire villagers to help out alongside them.
  • Create their own farms and raise a multitude of crops.
  • Divert flowing water to create your own rivers, waterfalls and swimming holes.
  • First person mode and more.


Check out the website for pre-order options and more details. It’s worth noting that this title will also be available to purchase using a Nintendo Switch Game Voucher.

If you can’t wait to play this one, the first Dragon Quest Builders is available now on PlayStation 4/3/Vita and Nintendo Switch. Or if you’re in the mood for something a little more traditional set in the Dragon Quest world, why don’t you check out our review of Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age here.

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