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Dusk Diver PlayStation 4 Review

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Welcome to our Dusk Diver review. Dusk Diver joins Yumo in Ximending as her life is turned upside down when she finds herself and her friend wandering into Youshading, an alternate dimension which is becoming more unstable by the minute affecting the citizens of Ximending. Saved by a strange power and guardian she must escape and uncover what is truly going on all around her. Developed by JFI Games and JERA Studio, Dusk Diver is an anime style supernatural beat-em-up that was published by PQube with JFI Games and Justdan International. With a Steam release having come much sooner back in March 2019 we now have the pleasure of enjoying Dusk Diver on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch from October 2019.


Yumos’ stumble into Youshading was a rude awakening to the ways of the world, no longer a naive school girl she embraces her newly absorbed powers and chaos that consumes Ximending. With the guidance and assistance from an ancient god in the form of a cat idol “The Boss” whose powers enable Yumo to transform, absorbing a guardians’ power or returning them both to normal form allowing them to continue their days. To help Yumo work better she is quickly employed in the The Boss’s shop working with Leo the guardian to train and reduce the incursions and effects from Youshading.

The gameplay style reminds me heavily of Lollipop Chainsaw, being fast paced using light and heavy attacks learnt from television shows Yumos smashes through enemies with ease, dodging at the right time triggers JD time increasing your speed and circle summons the equipped guardian to fight for you temporarily. A variety of special attacks and moves with colourful animations accompany the fights, eliminating the foes with ease, over time as you complete missions and collect shards you can increase the attributes of Yumo and the guardians, increasing not only power but the combo techniques and efficiency and to top it off, Yumo builds a power bar that allows her to unleash her powers in a spectacular golden transformation unleashing greater destruction on the enemies. Progressing, the types of enemies become bigger and stronger with some requiring a specific tactic to deal with them efficiently. Each mission is scored based on time and quality of completion and awards you a grade, unlocking corresponding rewards and repeating missions offers the chance at a harder difficulty and adds additional rewards for completion.

As well as the story quest, the game world is set out in a Yakuza styled world in which you can free roam completing side quests and shopping at various stalls.

Dusk Diver Review

Visuals and Audio

The style of Dusk Diver is very attractive using a dynamic 3D world with anime 3D animation in a cell shaded style, bright vibrant colours and contrasting shadows bring the characters to life. The city of Ximending and its population are filled with huge variety, many different items litter the stalls with a great attention to detail, the general population at a distance are coloured silhouettes but become well drawn people once you get closer. Even Youshading is animated in a contrast to Ximending visually being dark and more sinister, the streets resemble their counterpart but are more derelict with the odd bit of debris laying around as well as using a much darker colour scheme.

A Japanese speaking cast takes the roles during the story adding an authentic anime experience but does mean reading those pesky subtitles while the music accompanying around Ximending is mellow and chill changing between the store and streets but in contrast Youshading’s music is more rock or metal, amping up the mood for a fight.

Check out a bit of gameplay below;


That concludes our Dusk Diver review. Dusk Diver offers some great fast paced gameplay with a surprising number of combat combinations with so few buttons, stunning visual effects and animation make the story so much better and brings together a sense of familiarity from previous great titles together. A great mix of varied enemies and different missions keep you interested as you increase your power, check out Dusk Diver on the PlayStation store here.