E3 2019 Schedule

The biggest gaming convention in the world is almost upon us, E3 which officially starts on Tuesday 11th June with a public opening from the 8th until the 11th is the place where developers, publishers and console makers put their upcoming products for the whole world to see. E3 2019 officially wraps up on Thursday 13th June.


Notably absent from this year’s E3 is Sony. The console maker/game development studio owner isn’t showing up at all this year, meaning we definitely won’t yet get a glimpse of the next generation PlayStation console. Do expect unrelated developers to be showing off some of the PlayStation game lineups though.

EA is also not present in a traditional sense, with a presentation, instead, they’re going to be hosting a series of live streams for the public in relation to their games.

The Los Angeles Convention Centre is again the host for E3. Many companies have confirmed their attendance there with the below times for their presentations/exhibits.

Presentation Times

The following list states the times for each E3 presentation/exhibit.

  • EA: Saturday 8th June, 9.30am PT/5.30pm BST
  • Microsoft: Sunday 9th June, 1.00pm PT/9.00pm BST
  • Bethesda: Sunday 9th June, 5.30pm PT/1.30am BST (Monday 10th June)
  • UploadVR: Monday 10th June, 9.00am PT/5.00pm BST
  • PC Gaming Show: Monday 10th June, 10.00am PT/6.00pm BST
  • Ubisoft: Monday 10th June, 1.00pm PT/9.00pm BST
  • Square Enix: Monday 10th June, 6.00pm PT/2.00am BST (Tuesday 11th June)
  • Nintendo: Tuesday 11th June, 9.00am PT/5.00pm BST

We’ll be sure to be around when the E3 announcements come rolling in. It’s going to be a very busy week for this infant site, but it’ll certainly be a very fun and exciting one with many companies taking part.

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