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Edifier Announces New Gaming Headsets At CES 2020

The audio company, Edifier has announced four new headsets to add to its current selection. These new headsets aim to deliver a noise-free and immersive experience at a consumer-friendly cost.


Based on analog noise-canceling technology in a mini truly wireless package, the TWS NB earphones are distinct from other noise-canceling earphones on the market. Extensive testing has ensured all components of the earphone components are certified to block medium to low environmental frequencies.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 and unmatched audio quality the TWS NB is designed to be your number one set of wireless earphones on those busy days.

A low power consumption chipset by Qualcomm will allow users to use the earphones for up to 5 hours with active noise cancellation on and up to 11 hours with it off. The travel-friendly charging case also gives you the security of knowing you can charge your earphones on the go without the need for a plug socket.



Designed with audio lovers in mind, the TWS6 is ultra-light-weight and is complete with impeccable sound quality and is the epitome of small but mighty.

A credit card-sized charging case allows you to easily transport the earphones on your journeys and enables you to charge them quickly and easily.



A 10-hour battery life paired with Qualcomm AptX low latency technology ensures that gamers can complete level after level with no interruptions or low battery notifications.

Since mobile gaming was top of the mind for this set of earbuds, countless tests and trials were conducted in order to make sure it would meet the needs of on the go gamers.



With Hi-Res audio certification, the G7 is designed to make your console and PC gaming experience that’s much better due in part to its acoustic customization feature. Whilst playing FPS games or battle arena games the headset will automatically identify the game type and adjust the audio levels to suit it well.

Since comfort is a critical part of any gaming session, the G7 headset has been designed with it in mind. It features ice-sense gel in the earmuffs to regulate heat which in turn ensures a consistent temperature.



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