Edifier G4 Review
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Edifier G4 Review (USB Gaming Headset)

Welcome to our Edifier G4 USB Gaming Headset review. Whilst I’m used to Edifier’s home audio centered speakers, this is the first time I have ever used one of their gaming dedicated products, but being Edifier, I expected quite a lot from them.

  • Edifier G4 USB Gaming Headset
  • Platforms PlayStation 4, PC
  • Model: G4
  • Available: Now
  • Price £50.00
  • Review Sample Provided


Nowadays gaming headsets often have modern designs that help them fit in with modern technology, and the Edifier G4s are no different. A modern design accompanied by a gloss finish available in a choice of three color schemes: black and red, black and green and, white and blue, ensure not only a future proof style but also a choice of color to suit your needs.

Edifier G4 Review

LEDs are popular these days, especially when it comes to PCs which is exactly why Edifier has equipped the G4s with LED light rings in each driver cover. The color of LED you get depends on the color scheme you go for. For example, the red and black G4s feature red LED rings. Unfortunately, there’s no way of turning these off without powering the whole headset down, which is a slight disappointment as I don’t always want to be lighting up the front room in the middle of the night with my bright red LEDs.

One of the coolest things about the design of this headset is the retractable microphone that can hide most of itself within the driver housing when not in use. It simply pulls out and pushes back in using just two fingers to grip it. The arm is also flexible, meaning it’s very easy to position close to or further away from your mouth, depending on your preference.

Edifier G4 Review Edifier G4 Review

A 2.5m long USB cable with an in-line control box has been used to ensure a fair distance between you and your PS4 or PC whilst using the headset. The control box is home to a volume wheel, power switch, microphone muting button, and a switch that turns the headset’s vibrate mode on or off.

Edifier G4 Review

Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when looking at a gaming headset as you’d want something that’s not going to cause your head or ears any discomfort especially during long periods of use. I can happily say the G4s provide quite a lot of comfort thanks to their thickly padded earcups and a memory foam headband. I’ve not once found myself having to readjust these or take them off for reasons of discomfort.

Adjusting them to fit different head sizes is rather easy as they use a simple rail system that allows each earcup to easily slip in and out of the headband area with enough ease to be done by hand, whilst not being so easy they are able to freely move.

Giving them a good twist and bend in my hands reveals no major issues when it comes to durability. They feel quite strong and very sturdy, meaning they should be able to handle what life throws at them on a day to day basis.

Audio And Microphone Quality

I’ve been using the G4s with my PS4, so I haven’t had any experience with them on a PC since most of my gaming is done on a console with next to no online play through a PC. I’ve mainly used the G4s for party chat but have given them a go for game audio as well.

In party chats, I am very easily able to hear my colleague Chris with no issues at all. His voice comes through clearly and since this is a USB headset I can hear him through both earcups instead of just one, which is the case when using headsets connected directly to the controller.

When it comes to in-game audio, the G4s sound really clear and help to create a more immersive gaming experience. I have tried them with Batman Arkham Knight, which is packed full of action, something that is really noticeable on a headset like this. With enemies coming at you from all directions, this headset makes it much easier to figure out which direction you’re getting charged at from.

Bass is a little on the light side which is a kind of disappointment as I love to have a bit of bass with my audio as it helps bring it to life a bit more. Unfortunately powerful is not a term I could use to describe the bass output from this gaming headset.

The added vibration feature is a new thing to me, that I haven’t come across on any other gaming headset yet. It simply adds a bit more ‘oomph’ to the lower end by causing the headset to vibrate. The results for this are mixed and while the feature is ok sometimes, more often, it causes the audio to sound a little undesirable, so I’ve decided to keep it off.

The microphone does have a few little issues, such as making my voice sound slightly distant and tinny. I can be easily heard, it’s just not 100% clear. To ensure this wasn’t a problem on Chris’s end he tried several different headsets but the issues remained.

In Conclusion

The Edifier G4 headset is overall a fantastic set of gaming headphones especially when it comes to in-game audio. The microphone is a bit of disappointment but works none the less and won’t exactly have people completely unable to hear you.

That concludes our Edifier G4 review. For more information on this gaming headset, check out the official product page here.

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