Edifier GM3SE In-Ear Gaming Headphones Review
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Edifier GM3SE In-Ear Gaming Headphones Review

Welcome to our Edifier GM3SE in-ear gaming headphones review. Whilst gaming headsets tend to be the over-ear variety Edifier has opted to design the GM3SEs as an in-ear set of earphones with a detachable microphone making them perfect for both gaming at home and listening to music on the go.

  • Edifier GM3SE In-Ear Gaming Headphones
  • System: PlayStation 4, PC, Android, iOS
  • Model: GM3SE
  • Colors: Black and Red
  • Available: Now
  • Price £34.99
  • Review Sample Provided

Edifier GM3SE: Design

As stated above the GM3SEs aren’t designed like your typical gaming headset and instead are designed to sit in the ears similar to an ordinary set of music earphones.

A solid design complete with a chunky yet unintrusive pair of earpieces gives these a modern design that suits gaming but doesn’t overdo it allowing these to look great for a multitude of purposes.

Edifier GM3SE In-Ear Gaming Headphones Review

To solve the issue of a microphone Edifier has equipped the GM3SEs with a detachable microphone that simply connects to the left earpiece via a standard 3.5mm connection point. The microphone sits on a bendable arm allowing you to easily flex it in multiple directions. If you still wish to use the headset for your phone when out and about but don’t want to keep the detachable microphone connected, Edifier has equipped the headset with another microphone found within the in-line remote.

A 1.3m long cable gives these headphones enough free movement for a PC, the bottom of your controller, or your mobile phone as it sits in your trouser pockets. An in-line remote can be found on the cable coming from the left-earpiece and is home to a volume adjuster and call button as well as another microphone. A splitter cable is included that adds a bit more length to the headset for PC users who might have to reach the rear of their machines for access to the microphone and earphone jacks.

Edifier GM3SE In-Ear Gaming Headphones Review

Edifier GM3SE: Audio and Microphone

I’ve been using the GM3SEs for listening to music during the day and chatting on PS4 chat parties in the evening and throughout both uses have found to be a decent set of earphones.

For the price, the audio is quite stunning both in-game and on the go for my music listening habits on the way to my other job. The audio remains clear even at higher volumes and the bass is quite decent. My biggest gripe with them though is that they just aren’t as loud as I’d like.

In games, the earphones really do a wonderful job of picking up sounds occurring in the background allowing me to hear footsteps, explosions, and so much more helping to alert me.

The detachable microphone does a wonderful job of clearly picking up my voice and the fact it’s multi positionable allows me to have more control over how loud my voice has to be.

Edifier GM3SE: Conclusion

In conclusion, the Edifier GM3SEs is a fantastic budget set of gaming earphones that work great for both music and gaming. Their design is a mix of gaming and being on the go allowing them to not stand out too much. The audio is fantastic but I do find the earphones to be far too quiet for my full liking especially when it comes to listening to music.

That concludes our Edifier GM3SE in-ear gaming headphones review. For more information check them out on Amazon here.

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