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Effie Review (PlayStation 4)

Welcome to our Effie review. Effie is a 3D adventure platforming game originally released on PS4 back in June of this year, recently it has been announced that the game will be available to PC gamers through Steam from January 2020.

  • Effie
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC
  • Reviewed On: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Inverge Studios
  • Publisher: Inverge Studios
  • Multiplayer: None¬†
  • Available: 4th June 2019 (PC – January 28th, 2020)
  • Price: ¬£15.99 (U.K), $19.99 (U.S)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 (UK/EU), T (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

After being struck down by a curse that ages him prematurely, Galand sets off on a quest across the land of Oblena in order to track down the evil witch who cursed him and reclaim his youth. It’s an okay story, although slightly cheesy in places but it does well to maintain an almost fairytale-like dialogue that keeps you hooked throughout the short but heartwarming story.

Galand himself narrates the story as you play and I personally found this to be a lovely touch, which when combined with the fairytale-like dialogue makes this a game suitable for all ages of audience. While the game does contain combat, it’s not exactly of the violent type and there’s no blood or gore to worry about, which again helps keep it child-friendly.

Right off the bat, Effie gives you a fairly sized tutorial to get used to the controls and gameplay mechanics. There’s not an awful lot to learn and everything is pretty easy to pick up, from the controls to the general idea of the game.

Effie Review
As simple to play as its cute appearance would lead you to think.

To fit in with its child-friendly nature, Effie isn’t a particularly challenging game overall. There are some slight areas of difficulty, but nothing that can’t be overcome with a little bit of practice, for example, some of the harder platforming sections that will have you jumping in a timed manner or boss fights that require a bit of platforming.

Enemies in Effie range from different colored ghosts to ugly troll-like creatures. There’s not a lot of variety and none of them are particularly challenging, mostly tending to go down in a few hits. Most of the time they will attack you in large groups which does present its own slight challenge albeit a small one.

The boss fights in Effie all focus around the game’s evil witch antagonist, instead of several different bosses. Each fight with her is however different, in that taking her down will require something new each time. One of her fights will see you taking out a wave of normal enemies to deplete her health, whilst another will see you jumping over a deadly pit of grape juice to use the environment to deplete her health. This is certainly a much different approach to the usual boss fights of action games in which you would be directly attacking a boss. This approach has definitely helped set the game aside from similar titles in my opinion.

Effie Review
A boss fight.

Although not quite as advanced as an RPG game, Effie does feature leveling up in a bid to make Galand stronger. Leveling up is done by collecting runes of which you will literally find everywhere in the levels and the world and by beating monsters. There are also a number of blue-colored treasure chests in each level which when opened give you a large boost to your experience bar and some white chests, although these contain collectible relics.

As you play through Effie, Galand will unlock a few abilities that utilize his powerful shield which acts as both protection and his weapon. It has basic light and heavy attacks but can also be used to create an earthquake, dash through enemies, and as a boomerang to take out a few enemies at once. It’s strangely satisfying watching it as a boomerang taking out several troll-like creatures in a circular direction.

Effie has a few main level areas that contribute greatly to the story. Each of these areas consists of different types of puzzles that you’ll have to solve to advance through and finish the area. The aforementioned boss fights happen at the end of each of these main areas.

Outside of these story areas, players are free to explore the small open world of Oblena, where they can collect runes to help level up, find collectibles, take part in a race against time, and fight monsters. Apart from the odd small area and each main level area, there’s not much else to do and most parts of Oblena are just open lands of red grass which feels like a bit of waste really.

Navigating the open world of Oblena can be done on foot, but that’s too slow, thankfully Galand’s shield doubles as a hoverboard for both land and water. It’s quite fast as it is, but can be made faster by passing through yellow-colored checkpoints dotted all over the place.

Effie Review
Galand on his hoverboard.

In conclusion, Effie is a fun game for people of all ages and although it’s more suited towards children I have honestly had a good time playing it. It’s not too hard and not overly easy, but just right, somewhere in the middle which is just how I like it.

That concludes our Effie review. To purchase the game on PS4, check out the links below.

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PS Store U.S

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