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Feel Three Motion Simulation on its way

Having begun collecting funding on Kickstarter, the Feel Three Motion Simulator for VR is well on its way, with a cost of £1499 for those that get there first. With motion that is like a movie experience consisting of 100° pitch and roll, 3600+° of yaw, built-in transducers giving optimal sound vibration and hundreds of compatible games, it’s looking to be one very impressive setup. Designing the Feel Three with a semi-spherical platform sitting on a collaboration of Omni wheels causing maximum rotation, rapidly and silently with minimum power usage. The intended purpose reducing the overall chance of motion sickness and creating an unforgettable experience, using advanced motion cancellation technology and ingenious user motion allowing sight tracking for realistic motion.

Feel Three has been designed to allow specific customization of the Motion Simulator, starting with the base ‘Battle Station’ cockpit users can gradually upgrade the unit to their tastes upgrading to the 3DOF later, with adjustable components across the whole unit quickly swapping joysticks and wheels to suit every game need.

A quote from Mark Towner CEO of Feel Three explained that despite their love of video games their experiences are incomplete, not feeling a true connection to the game’s environment until you feel the roar of a plane’s engine as the turbulence begins to affect the plane, feeling the turns and loops as you fly the skies. Also stating that the limitations of flying and racing games are only the beginning with the adjustable cockpit you can soon swap out parts changing the experience for games such as motorcycle racing and paragliding.

The Feel Three is a revelation for VR gaming enabling a true feel for an environment, car or plane creating more realistic experiences and better gameplay. Feel Three are still looking for backers at Kickstarter and are based in London, Makerversity in the Somerset House basement holding regular demos encouraging backers and press the opportunity to try the simulator first hand. Show your support at Kickstarter here or Indiegogo here. Check out the trailer below.